A DAD has divided opinion after complaining that his new wife is refusing to pay his children from a previous marriage.

Taking to Reddit, the disgruntled lad explained that he and his wife of five years, Stacey*, have two children, as well as three children with his ex-wife Hannah*.


The father complained that the wife does not pay for the children from the previous marriageAuthor: Getty

He wrote: “Ever since Stacey and I got together, she has made it very clear to me that my three children are my responsibility and Hannah’s responsibility, not hers.

“It’s been going well so far, but it’s been taking a toll on me lately.”

The father explained that since Stacey had her first child, Hannah insisted that he pay her the same amount every month to keep things “fair.”

Also, he pays most of their joint expenses, while Stacey takes care of most of the children’s expenses.

Explaining his resentment, the father continued: “Stacey has never had a problem with having to look after my children and Hannah’s children.

“She picks them up from school, takes them to events and makes sure they have everything they need. However, every time she buys something for them, she immediately sends me a Venmo request and demands that I cover all expenses related to the children that are “not hers”.

“We recently went on a family vacation and she demanded that I pay half the portion for our children and the entire portion for Hannah.

“I told her that all these expenses were taking a toll on my finances and she didn’t seem to care. She reiterated that my children are my responsibility.’

The father added that Stacey added “insult to injury” by setting up a college fund for their children while he and Hannah had nothing.

When Hannah suggested he do the same for their children, Stacey agreed, but insisted he do the same for the children he has with her.

Concluding his complaint, he wrote: “I told Stacey that I needed her to start paying her share of our household expenses.

“I can’t afford to pay child support, household expenses and all these different expenses that my children incur. It wouldn’t hurt her financially as she earns more than I do and can easily spare the money.

“Stacey blew up and took our kids to her parent’s house and I didn’t hear from her for a day and a half. Am I an a-hole to demand her fair share?”

Fellow Redditors were quick to weigh in, with the consensus being that the father was being unreasonable with his request.

Commenting on the thread, one wrote: “Stacey already pays most of THEIR 2 kids. This is literally more than it would have been in the baseline.

“Furthermore, she is supportive of the OP’s ex-wife and children by providing child care, time, affection and basically caring for them like a second mother.”

“Stacey pays half of all household expenses (fairly) and most of your TOTAL kids expenses… That makes you an AG… They are your kids… Why does she pay for most of what they need?” agreed another.

A third added: “You have 5 children. You are responsible for their care. It involves a lot of expenses.”

However, there were a few who took Dad’s side.

“I think her stance on ‘your kids’ and ‘her kids’ is unreasonable,” wrote one.

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Another agreed, adding, “You should be putting money into all of your kids’ college funds, but it looks like your current wife is draining you.”

* Names have been changed.