Customers can choose from AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure to complement their strategic hosting goals

Mamboa leading SaaS cloud banking platform, has announced shared availability across three leading cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, expanding its global market reach.

FinTech’s cloud-based approach provides customers with complete flexibility to seamlessly execute ambitious expansion plans, giving customers the choice to use the most secure, reliable and high-performance technology stack. Mambu customers have a choice of supplier based on their specific business, technical and regulatory requirements, located in the same or different geographic region, without affecting availability or service level.

For decades, legacy technology solutions have been slow to roll out, but now using Mambu’s cloud banking platform, products can be brought to market in weeks, and more than 95% of major banking transformations are up and running in months. Mambu’s modular platform provides components that can be selected and assembled in various combinations to meet specific user requirements. This enables financial institutions to modernize their infrastructure, meet rapidly changing customer behavior and expectations, and drive business growth. The development promises greater choice for customers, a secure foundation for compliance with financial security standards, and high reliability for all three cloud providers.

Fernando Zandona, Mambu’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, said: “We are at a key stage in our growth and implementing this enhanced approach will allow us to continue to provide the best possible service for our customers. Many technology providers rely on public cloud services; however, Mambu’s expanded deployment flexibility meets growing demands for performance, security, and reliability.

Being able to work with three leading cloud providers supporting over 230 banks and non-bank financial institutions has been a game changer. Financial institutions’ choice of cloud service provider depends on strategy, existing relationships, service availability and hosting requirements. The shared availability of these cloud providers on Mambu will help us continue to create better financial opportunities for existing and new customers around the world.”

The announcement follows Mambu’s record $235 million Series E funding round last December, the largest private fundraising for a cloud banking platform. As Mambu aims to accelerate revenue growth while continuing to invest in building a global, sustainable and differentiated customer platform, Mambu has appointed four new senior employees. This includes Chief Revenue Officer Werner Knoblich, Chief Financial Officer Tripp Faiks, Chief Product and Technology Officer Fernando Zandon and Chief of Staff to the CEO Sabrina Dar.

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Mambu announces extended cloud approach with three leading cloud providers