Lauren Speed asks Netflix difficult questions.

The Love is blind alum criticized the dating show for limiting scenes with black women in season three.

The third season of the show was attended by 15 women: Alexa, Amanda, Ashley, Brannigan, Charity, Chelsea, Colin, Jessica, Cripples, Kimberly, Lauren, Nancy, Raven, Valery and Addin accordance with TODAY. Of these 15, only five were engaged in the show: Alexa with BrennanNancy p BartizColin p MattZanab village Cole and Crow with Sikiru.

“I don’t like how LIB is cutting all black women,” Speed ​​wrote Twitter October 24. “Why are they always in the trailer but not in the show…”

Speed ​​- who got married Cameron Hamilton during Art the first season finale in 2018 — also wrote that the show determines which couples get together.

“I know it’s a small sample, but about 85% of them are forced to[just move forward for entertainment purposes]anyway,” she continuation. “You could at least get a few more sisters moving forward over the course of the show.”

When one user asked Speed, “How do you think they choose what will be the final show,” she answered“Sometimes they don’t even show engaged couples. I think they only show what they think is the most interesting.”