Education with a single thought is a tool for fighting all odds.It empowers oneself with a never ending power with numerous versatility.It is truly said that Education /Pen  is a weapon  mightier than a sword .It can bring about positive and desirable changes in life. But the sad part is the number of dropouts tabulated each year. These figures need immediate remediation for the beautiful future of the child ahead.As a parent, teacher , educator and even a child, it is obligatory to have an understanding of the pros and cons of K12 education.

The education brings in varied changes which are relevant for their future sustainability. School is an agent for socialization.A big thank you to the school that offers the tiny tots theirs first experience with educators and peers.It gives a space and pace to enhance and grow socially. A person who fails to undergo successful socialization may face difficulty in later life pacing with society and at work .The high school education makes the teens strong to face life boldly and the failure in which may result in falling prey to the society.

School and education teaches an individual to respect the authority which in turn imbibes in them the quality to follow in their workplace and varied aspects of adult life. The children get prone to follow guidelines in school and adhere to the norms laid down. This makes them future ready for a disciplined life.

K12 education has immense benefits . It works upon the basic skills like reading and writing .These skills are difficult to be mastered in adulthood and can be easily mastered when you are a child as the brain is highly responsive at this stage .But the ones who have not mastered these skills have a great challenge in all opportunities .Many join Adult education classes to learn to read and write before getting a job. The basic mathematical skill is also acquired through education . This help in budgeting income and living a planned life , comparing things for profitable output and many more implications.The children who drops out of school remains shunned from this solid basic developments in turn affecting their entire life.

Besides development ,the school offers a supportive environment in terms of teachers , counsellors , friends ,career counsellor who stand by all odds and provide practical solutions to problems and guide them in the right direction. Many a times ,important decisions in life is triggered and turns out to be fruitful. The K12 Education opens up new career opportunities for students. It builds and rebuilds ones career for highly paid jobs .It builds a network, help acquire skills and opens up new aspects for a career we love.

Education develops knowledge of fields like History , Geography , Science , Literature etc , each one appreciates and enhances ones personality in a variety of ways .Learning keeps continued and a students will find or in fact grab opportunities for keep learning on the go.K12 education changes the mind set of a person help them discover the richness around .

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