Jamie Lee Curtis says she strongly opposes transphobia and other bigotry where “the sole purpose is to silence, destroy and annihilate others”. (these)

Jamie Lee Curtis has reminded the world once again that she strongly condemns transphobia and bigotry — and the fans are here for it.

The Halloween star recently opened up about scared by death threats, transphobia and hate against trans people like her daughter Ruby in an emotional interview in October.

The actor’s advocacy of the trans community has been widely welcomed, but has also drawn a predictable backlash from gender-critical voices.

Curtis reiterated in a short and powerful statement on Twitter that she will not stop fighting transphobia and hatred in the world.

“By the way…I am NOT going to cancel on anyone,” she wrote. “I AM OPPOSED to anti-Semitism, white supremacy, fascism, transphobia, and other oppressive regimes and ideologies whose sole purpose is to silence, destroy, and destroy others.”

Honestly, fans on social media were living for Jamie Lee Curtis’ statement and said it was further proof of why Amazing Friday the star is indeed a “national treasure”.

Curtis said this to a Spanish radio station Cadena SER that Ruby who came out publicly as trans in 2021faces “threats against her life” just for “existing as a human being”.

“There are people out there who want to destroy her, her and people like her,” Curtis said.

She continued: “The level of hatred is … as if we haven’t learned the lessons of fascism, as if we haven’t learned what the outcome of it is. Destruction of people. It’s terrible.”

“So Jamie Lee Curtis is scared and you should be too. And Jamie Lee Curtis has a voice and she’s trying to use it, and you should too.”

The Knives away star urged people to stand up against transphobia and bigotry in their real lives, because that’s how society changes for the better.

“And that’s how we change things by thinking about them, learning about them, and then using our voices to bring attention and fight against them,” she said.

Jamie Lee Curtis has urged people to “take notice” and speak out against transphobia. (these)

In March, Jamie Lee Curtis shared a beautiful birthday tribute to Ruby on social media and vowed to fight the growing number “discriminatory” anti-LGBTQ+ bills emerging in the US.

Curtis shared that she’s “proud” to be Ruby’s mom and is showing her support for “all trans families in the US who are being attacked by conservative legislatures.”

The actress vowed to use her “freedom of speech” to support her child and “all trans kids who try.” [to] to live freely as they are.’

Curtis added in a post on Instagram: “This country was founded on freedom. The profoundly simple idea that everyone who lives here should be free to dream and free to achieve what they want…

“Politicians are now proposing that parents who provide gender-confirmed care for their children are criminals and deserve jail time.

“These laws are discriminatory, unfair and un-American. Freedom of expression includes gender expression!”