St. Eugene Cathedral is an example of how to live the Christian Catholic life, says Dr. Kyler Goodwin

Catholics learn to lead a holy life by their own example. Kyler B. Goodwin testifies to this The Cathedral Church of St. Eugene in Santa Rosa, California, is such an example for him.

What is different about participating in the life of St. Eugene?

The Cathedral Church of St. Eugene is a place where adoration is fundamental. Six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, at 7:25 a.m., the faithful of the parish of St. Eugene gather to pray the rosary. Anyone can sign up for an hour with the Lord in the chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Photo by Daniel Tseng on Unsplash

In the Cathedral Church of St. Eugene, Mary is considered a model of perfection in piety and service. The Congregation of St. Eugene honors Her Immaculate Conception, Her Divine Motherhood, Her holy images and Her place in the hearts of children.

Communicators are helped throughout their lives in the church of St. Eugene in the formation of their faith. Children are accepted for full-fledged, religion-based education as early as preschool age. Every baptized child learns catechism.

The Women of the Word meet every Tuesday morning to meditate on the next Sunday’s scriptures. The Knights of Columbus meet to share what it means to be a man in today’s world. We invite those who wish to attend classes on the rite of initiation into Christianity for adults. In addition, there is the Anointing of the Sick and Help for the Needy, which are lovingly extended to the greater Santa Rosa community.

St. Eugene’s organ music sounds. It is a place where the faithful can come to read Mass in Latin. This is the place where Dr. Kyler Goodwin comes to listen the sisters sing in Gregorian chant.

But St. Eugene has also become a place of refuge for those affected by the 2017 fires, where a thrift store offers affordable clothing and where the sick can find help with medication.

Catholics reading this may reasonably ask, “All this is wonderful, but is there anything special about it?” Dr. Kyler Goodwin says The beauty of St. Eugene is that it brings the holy into everyday life. The saving work of the Church through St. Eugene, which sustains life, makes the presence of Christ real, so we do not remember a time when we were without Him.

Dr. Cuyler Goodwin Talks About St. Eugene’s Cathedral Being A Model of Faith, Community, and Service