ANYTHING can always get worse, the British were forcefully reminded by events.

Candidates to replace terrible Prime Minister, rising inflation, rising mortgages and a BBC show I can see your voice the country recognizes that there is no bottom.

Nail technician Hannah Tomlinson said: “I lost the house I bought because it didn’t have a mortgage and then I got kicked out because of the amount. It was Monday.

“It seems strange now, but that night I drank a bottle of wine and felt kind of happy. I took everything life could throw at me and I was still standing there singing to Rihanna.

“Then the toilet broke, my landlord raised the rent, my hours were cut, and Netflix is ​​going to kick me out of my sister’s account. What a stupid Monday it was.’

Tom Booker agreed: “I toasted Liz Truss’s resignation as if getting rid of the clueless jerk who crashed the economy was good news, then woke up to all the ‘Bring back Boris’ headlines.

“People say it’s getting worse. But it also gets worse before it gets worse, then worse, and then worse. And I don’t think we’re even half way there yet.”