An interior designer revealed the most desirable looks for your space this fall – and which outdated trends to avoid.

While some of these may seem obvious, others may not even be guessed by seasoned home decor fanatics.


On-trend jewel tones are the perfect way to transform your fall spaceAuthor: Getty
Meanwhile, design expert Dominic Fluker officially called the mirror


Meanwhile, design expert Dominic Fluker officially called the mirror “curvy” last seasonAuthor: Miro Kur

This autumn there are a whole lot interior decor trends occupy wonderful spaces.

These five interior designer-designed home looks are the trends to follow. Insider reported.

Cross out the behind the scenes

Although TikTok went wild with the curvy mirror trend, they went out of style as soon as they appeared, according to Insider.

They may have been a great piece for spring or summer, but designer Dominique Fluker is tired of them.

RIP Grandmillenial

At first it was nice to decorate your space like your grandmother did.

Now Fluker said the floral pillows and wallpaper should go back to where they came from.

Tradition is good, but granny chic is the way out.

Except for grandma, of course. She can do whatever she wants.

A mid-century snoozefest

For lovers of mid-century modern pieces that create a neat, trendy feel, this is not your time.

Instead of opting for the cleanest lines and safe colors, this design expert says that maximalism and personal style are having their day in the sun.

Wall hangers

According to Insider, it’s not yet time for wall pieces, especially ones that are very bright.

Classic art with meaning never goes out of style and makes a better wall covering than a stretchy sweater.

Minimize minimalism

Fluker said minimalism can sometimes equate to clinical and boring.

A man’s space should tell his story, and that’s why maximalism flourishes.

More color and more art is the way to go, Insider reports.

Interior design professionals have also highlighted some trends for this season.

Adorned with jewels

While they’re always a staple color, jewel tones are especially desirable this fall, Fluker told Insider.

Rich shades like paprika, tangerine and burnt orange can really deepen the experience space and add a nice color.

Whatever shade suits your personality and your home is the best option.

Hidden workspace

A home office is just as effective when done in a pop-up style, Fluker wrote.

If you’re looking for a big break between work and personal life, hiding a home office can give you more space.

A secret study hidden in a closet or neatly hidden in the folds of a cozy bookshelf can give you more personal space and be chic.

It can be as hidden or open as you like.

Lamps in fabric

Perfect to make your space cozier lighting and adding texture, according to Fluker.

Although it may seem like something that only craftsmen choose, fabric lampshades have been all the rage among interior design insiders.

You can go to a full craft store and pick out feathers or sequins.

If you’re feeling particularly extra, even tassels are a great option. Let’s not judge.

Show off your curves

BouclĂ© is French for curled or ringed, and that’s exactly the trend with this type of furniture.

The cozy shape and soft fabric often used in these pieces are ideal for lounging, and increasingly wild times make it important that your safe haven is even more of a haven.

Fluker recommends blue or clay red for a deeply relaxing feeling.

Don’t feel bad if you make an audible sound from the insane comfort of your new favorite boucle chair.

Get the blues

Speaking of blue, Fluker said the color creates a sense of calm in a space.

Light sky blue or bright cobalt colors create a sophisticated home.