World leaders reacted to Rishi Sunak’s appointment as Prime Minister. (Image: Dinendra Haria/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Rishi Sunak became the 57th Prime Minister of Great Britain and the third in the last two months.

His former boss, Boris Johnsonresigned after a brutal rebellion of their own deputies (more than a few still credit Sunak with the start). Unlike its predecessor, Liz Trusswas ultimately defeated the economic chaos that followed her and the then chancellor Kwasi Kwartengthe now infamous “mini-budget”.

Now, after being at the request of the king to form a governmentPrime Minister Rishi Sunak will aim to keep the UK in a period of relative economic and political stability following this turbulent period for the UK body politic.

In Britain, his appointment was both welcomed and criticized by political allies, opponents and celebrities.

His Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmertook to Twitter to congratulate the new Prime Minister and renew his calls for a general election: “Congratulations Rishi Sunak on becoming Prime Minister and making history as the first British Prime Minister of Asia.

“The Tories have wrecked the economy with low wages, high prices and a cost of living crisis. The public need a fresh start and a say on the future of Britain.’

But how did world leaders react to the inauguration of the new prime minister?

Rishi Sunak wins Tory leadership race: what next?

Here are some of the reactions from around the world.

How world leaders reacted to Rishi Sunak becoming the new Tory Prime Minister

Leaders from around the world welcomed Rishi Sunak to his post.


Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said he looked forward to working with Britain’s new prime minister “on the important issues we face in these islands and around the world” – almost certainly hinting at the problems which still surround Brexit.

Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Michael Martin welcomed Rishi Sunak to his new post. (Photo: REUTERS/Johanna Geron)


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted her congratulations to Risha Sunak, but made it clear that Britain still had a lot of work to do, both in terms of Britain’s relationship with Europe and the security situation across the country. on the continent, speaking of a “time of trial.”

Similarly, European Council President Charles Michel also said: “Working together is the only way to face common challenges… and ensuring stability is the key to overcoming them.”


President Vladimir Zelensky also congratulated the new prime minister on Twitter, wishing him success at home and abroad.

United States

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly for the President of the United States who showed up congratulate Rashid Sanuk in his opening remarks.

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however, Joe Biden He went on to describe the appointment as “quite amazing” and a “landmark” that is “important”.

He also tweeted his congratulations, writing, “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak for being Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.”

“Together, I look forward to expanding our cooperation on issues critical to global security and prosperity, including our continued strong support for Ukraine.”


President of France Emmanuel Macronalso acknowledged the situation in Ukraine in his congratulatory message, tweeting that he looked forward to “working to address today’s challenges, including the war in Ukraine.”


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his “warmest congratulations” to Risha Sunak and “special Diwali wishes to the ‘living bridge’ of Indians in the UK”.

How UK leaders reacted to Rishi Sunak becoming the new Tory Prime Minister

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, offered a longer statement in a series of tweets. While she offered her congratulations and best wishes “despite… political differences”, she continued to call for a general election and Scottish independencesaying: “For Scotland, of course, he will be another prime minister that we did not stand for and certainly would not have voted for even if we had the chance.”

“To avoid damage from devolved Westminster governments and take our future into our own hands, Scotland needs independence.”

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, who recently hit the headlines with his emotional rebuke of the Tory record in Wales, used his congratulations to hope for a better relationship with Sunak than his predecessor, saying: “Congratulations @RishiSunak.

“The UK desperately needs a period of stability and cooperation to focus on the many challenges we face.”

“I hope we can work constructively together to support people in these difficult times in a way that your predecessors could not.”

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How world leaders reacted to Rishi Sunak becoming the 3rd UK Prime Minister in 2 months