Britain has enjoyed a summer wave brought on by the return of big events and festivals, but now experts are warning that the UK is facing a new wave.

According to the ZOE Health Studythe recent outbreak is a timely reminder that Covid is not gone and that we still need to be vigilant as new mutations continue to emerge around the world.

A return to restrictions to contain transmission is by no means possible in the future and may eventually become necessary, possibly leading to the return of face masks and social distancing in public, or even the deployment of a second vaccine booster shots.

Since the winter, only those over 75 have been offered a second revaccination (for a total of four), which means that immunity in the majority of the population may begin to wane six months after the last vaccination.

“If we’re going to go into another wave, maybe that’s something worth revisiting,” suggested John Roberts of the Covid Actuaries group The Independent.

Approval of the new Moderna Omicron specific injection was a welcome development for the UK in this regard, and vaccination may eventually play a significant role in any further vaccine campaigns.

NHS in December 2021, booster rules were relaxed so that everyone over 18 was offered a third injection, the decision to drop Omicron was supported by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, which also recommended shortening the interval between the second and third injection from six months to three in an attempt to defeat the variant.

This means that if you haven’t had your third shot yet and you’re over 18 – or over 16 and have a health problem – and it’s been at least three months (91 days) since you had your second dose, you’re still you can still get an accelerator.

If you are eligible, you no longer have to wait for the NHS to contact you make an appointment online (as it was originally).

You can also visit a local vaccination center to get vaccinated, as recommended by patients use the online NHS finder to find the nearest center by postcode.

If you have tested positive for Covid, you are advised to wait four weeks (28 days) before booking your revaccination from the date of your test.

If you think you have symptoms related to the coronavirus, then current NHS advice – take a lateral flow test and isolate at home for five days if the result is positive to avoid transmission to others (you need to stay away from those who may be particularly vulnerable due to their age or existing illness for 10 days).

If you do have to go out in public, it’s recommended to wear a face mask, avoid crowded places, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

If you are concerned about your symptoms or think they are getting worse, you are encouraged to visit 111.nhs.ukcall 111 or call your GP.