Ingenico, a global leader in payment services, has released the results of a Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Forrester Consulting on the return on investment (ROI) that businesses can achieve by deploying Ingenico’s Terminal as a Service.

As a newly independent company following its recent acquisition by Apollo Funds, the release of this survey supports the transformation of Ingenico’s business as a payment ecosystem through a greater combination of software and cloud services. This new strategy will ensure long-term business growth and serve the interests of Ingenico’s customers, employees and shareholders.

Ingenico’s Terminal as a Service (TaaS) provides acquirers and other users with an end-to-end terminal management solution. It offers a suite of services covering the entire life of the terminal, from installation to end-of-life management, for a recurring fee.

TaaS allows Ingenico’s customers to differentiate their trading service offerings and helps them reduce risk with a predictable recurring pricing model per terminal over the life of the contract. Additional benefits of TaaS include lower capital expenditures for terminals, lower real estate management costs, improved merchant retention, and increased profits from value-added services.

Based on a series of interviews with users of the solution, Forrester Consulting found that before adopting TaaS from Ingenico, organizations said their endpoint solutions lacked flexibility and value proposition. It was difficult for them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the commodity market.

Mathieu Desto, CEO of Ingenico commented about the results of the survey, saying: “Nowadays, the world of payments is more complex due to several major commercial trends. Our TaaS offering enables acquirers to profit from the outsourcing of payment services so they can focus on the needs of their customers. A Forresters survey demonstrates that our TaaS offering not only reduced their hardware and terminal management costs, but also allowed them to focus more on improving the merchant experience and developing value-added services. This created new sources of income for them and improved merchant loyalty.»

According to an analysis by Forrester Consulting, Ingenico’s TaaS deployment provides a potential ROI of 49%.

The report identifies the following key benefits for organizations investing in TaaS over three years:

  • To avoid $22 million per terminal capex for an organization with 100,000 terminals
  • 30% reduction in terminal management costs
  • Increase seller retention by 10%
  • Increased profit from additional services
  • Improved user experience
  • Innovation included
  • Improved time to market

A key advantage was the ability to roll out new functionality and improve the user experience, which ultimately helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors,» said the CEO of one acquirer interviewed by Forrester Consulting for the study.

The core value of Ingenico’s TaaS is a high-quality, hassle-free outsourced service. From an operational point of view, everything is working flawlessly,” said the chief operating officer for Europe of another buyer interviewed for the report. “Ingenico has been very proactive from a service perspective, innovating for us and adding real value to development initiatives.»

CLICK HERE to read the full Forrester Total Economic Impact study of Ingenico’s Terminal as a Service (TaaS) offering.

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Total Economic Impact Study from Forrester Consulting finds Terminal as a Service (TaaS) by Ingenico delivers 49% ROI