Ford has announced the end of production of one of the most popular cars ever sold in the UK – the Fiesta.

By the end of June next year, the manufacturer’s factory in Cologne, Germany, will no longer produce the Fiesta.

Since 1976, more than 22 million have been produced worldwide, and the model has been sold in more than 50 countries.

Since first going on sale in 1976, the car has won numerous awards, including the British Design Council’s Fiesta Performance Award in 1978 and Germany’s prestigious Golden Steering Wheel Award in 2002.

The recall of the popular vehicle comes as Ford makes changes to its portfolio to make room for more electric cars.

Production of the S-MAX and Galaxy models will also end at Ford’s plant in Valencia, Spain, by April next year.

By 2030, Ford will produce only electric cars, and by 2035, all the cars it makes will be electric.

Three new electric vehicle models and four commercial vehicles are to be launched in Europe by 2024, Ford said.

The plans are part of the manufacturer’s goal to sell more than 600,000 electric vehicles in the region by 2026.

The Fiesta has unique cultural significance in the UK as it was the first car for many and the second car for many families as the number of cars increased from the 1990s to the early 2000s.

Its launch coincided with a huge increase in the number of British women driving and commuting, as more women join the workforce.