AFTER Amelia Spencer feared the worst for her baby while facing a deadly storm, she gave birth to a premature daughter.

But the teenage mum left Emmerdale fans scratching their heads when she revealed her newborn’s name during last night’s episode.


Amelia Spencer gave birth to a daughter prematurelyAuthor: ITV
She revealed her baby's name last night


She revealed her baby’s name last nightAuthor: ITV
But while Dan approved of the name, fans were left confused


But while Dan approved of the name, fans were left confusedAuthor: ITV

The young man was playing Daisy Campbell scared fans in recent scenes of the Yorkshire soap when she was left alone in the countryside as a storm swept through the Dales.

She was eventually found by Lydia Dingle and taken to the hospital, where she gave birth prematurely.

On Monday, Amelia went to visit her little girl before being joined by Noah Dingle (as Jack Downham), who offered her support throughout her pregnancy.

At this point, Amelia kept her baby’s name a secret and only revealed it when her father, Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), visited her.

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Amelia announced that she had decided to name her daughter Esther as a sign of her strength as a premature baby.

But while Dan approved of the title, Emmerdale viewers were left confused as they expected Amelia to give credit close family friend Harriet Finch.

“Fully expected her to name her after her mom Ali/stepmom Ruby or even Harriet,” one wrote on Twitter.

Another echoed: “Can’t believe Amelia named her baby Esther instead of Harriet,” while a third fan chimed in: “I was expecting the baby to be named Harriet.”

One puzzled viewer wrote: “Esther?? Not Harriet or Ali? What?”

However, one was relieved, writing: “Phew, I thought she was going to name the baby Harriet.”

Emmerdale’s anniversary week included the deaths of several fan-favourite characters such as Harriet Finch, Liv Flaherty and Faith Dingle.

The vicar, who became a policewoman, was killed in the middle ATV accident when she was looking for Amelia in the desert.

Liv Flaherty, on the other hand, died in her husband’s arms after being crushed by a caravan.


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The stormy week began with Faith Dingle ended her lifenot wanting her cancer to take over.

With so many tragic events around her, Amelia was considered ready to pay her respects to either Harriet, Liv, or Faith.

But she later had more to worry about as her child’s biological father, Samson Dingle, went missing during the storm.

A young man as Sam Hall was at the center of an intensive village-wide police search.

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He was eventually found injured by Noah and Mackenzie Boyd, who took it upon themselves to join the search.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Viewers expected the young mother to pay tribute to Harriet Finch


Viewers expected the young mother to pay tribute to Harriet FinchAuthor: ITV
She chose a symbolic name


She chose a symbolic nameAuthor: ITV