Michael Bublé The night was pleasant.

October 24 series Dancing with the stars honored the classical singer — who performed twice and was a guest judge — with renditions of his songs by the 10 remaining celebrity contestants and their partners.

But there was one performance that really managed to leave you cackling.

After RuPaul’s Drag Race a star Shangela and her partner Gleb Savchanka tango in Hollywood, she pulled a piece of fried chicken from her dress in a resealable bag and handed it to the judges Len Goodman.

Let me explain.

Last week, Len told Shangela that her legs “still aren’t as crisp as I’d like to see them.” So, after their performance this week, Shangela asked Leon, “Did I have crispy legs?” before pulling the chicken out of the bust of her white dress.

“Mommy told me to give you this crispy chicken so I can have crispy legs,” Shangela continued.

It’s a brand new chicken dance!

“You’ve been dancing all this time with a piece of chicken in your cleavage?” co-presenter Tyra Banks asked. Shangela then pulled out another piece of chicken from the other side of her dress, which Tyra grabbed and took a big bite of, saying, “That’s good!”

Shangela and Gleb scored 45 points, which was enough to advance to the next week.