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Wednesday, October 26 proved to be another day when Ireland stunned the cricketing fraternity with the result of the ICC FIFA World Cup match. Andy Belbirnie’s men defeated Jos Buttler’s mighty side by five runs (DLS method) in a match played in the rain. After the match ended, many sports media professionals began calling it “upset.’ Moreover, they began to discuss it more as a loss for England than a victory for Ireland.

Irish captain Andy Balbirnie was asked the same question by CricTracker during the post-match press conference after Ireland’s first win in the eighth edition of the ICC. T20 World Cup. While answering the question, Andy shared some sarcastic remarks and answered it as expected from a winning captain.

“Don’t you find it a bit demeaning when the media and journalists say it’s an ‘upset’ every time Ireland wins, the team performs well on the ground, plays well, then how would you take the term ‘upset’?” asked a CricTracker reporter in Balbirnie.

Andy started his answer with a laugh and thought that was the way the world of sports was. He also talked about the different opinions people have about different sports and the psychology of calling any team’s win an “upset.”

That’s the Way the World Works – Andy Balbirnie

“Well, I can’t control what people say (Andy began with a laugh). People have their opinions about cricket, I have opinions about rugby and football. That’s just the way the world works. If people want to say it’s a disorder, naturally they can see it that way. I don’t know where England are ranked, I don’t know where we are, but there are definitely a lot of teams between us, so it will be seen as an upset,” Balbirnie told CricTracker.

Here’s a video of Andy Balbirni during the post-match press conference:

“We were in the dressing room after that thinking we didn’t play our best cricket but we still won. So that should mean we’re in a pretty good place, but of course there are a few things I’ve criticized Liverpool for this weekend. Obviously, people will criticize me for this, and that’s the way the world works,” he concluded.