“Highlight of my week!”: Barack Obama joins Eli and Peyton Manning in the first quarter of his beloved Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots — and jokes that they stole the silverware from the White House!

Peyton and Eli Manning took their ManningCast show to new heights during the Patriots game vs Chicago Bears – welcome the president Barack Obama to their coverage.

Obama, 61, is a Bears fan and joined his brothers in the first quarter of Monday’s game against the Patriots.

“This is the highlight of my week,” Obama joked, before Peyton put him on the spot, reflecting on his and his brother’s trips to The White House during President Obama.

Chicago Bears fan Barack Obama was on the ManningCast of the first quarter of his team’s game against the New England Patriots on Monday

Obama and the Manning brothers jokingly mocked each other when

Obama and the Manning brothers jokingly poke fun at each other as the Bears play the Patriots on Monday Night Football

“Mr. President, we both had the pleasure of meeting you at the White House,” Payton said. “Honestly, who was the best guest?”

Obama laughed and then replied, “You were both gentlemen. After that visit, some silverware went missing, but we have not been able to trace it back to you.

“We had a great time. One of the cool things about being a president — and there are a lot of things that are really cool — is meeting world-class athletes and getting them to sign. It’s a lot of fun.

“Although I will say that when you put the football teams together, I’m a skinny guy and when I stand next to some of these men on the line and they shake my hand, they’ve got paws. It makes you feel a little small.’

Payton also asked Obama about his love for the 85-man Bears team — the team he called the best in history — and welcoming them to the White House shortly after hosting Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

“It was hard to have the Packers and be nice to them,” Obama joked. “But I moved to Chicago in 1985.

“You show up in this city and you have a team that captures everyone’s imagination. The fact that they never got a proper White House, I thought, what’s the point of being there if you can’t make up for it?”

Obama talked about inviting the famous 1985 Bears team to the White House during his tenure as US president

Obama talked about inviting the famous 1985 Bears team to the White House during his tenure as US president

Obama also opened up about being a fan of the current Bears team.

“Since I left the White House, we’ve had a bit of a drought in just about every sport,” Obama said. “But you look at the Bears, young team, new coach, they play hard.

“I’m a big believer in staying loyal until the end, as long as they play hard, as long as they look like they don’t care, then I’ll stick with them and keep rooting for them. Our day will come again. It may take some time.’

Shortly after his appearance ended, Obama tweeted: “Thank you Peyton and Eli Manning for having me on the Manningcast. It’s always nice to watch a game with a couple of other retirees.”

Obama’s Bears eventually won 33-14 against the Patriots.