I recently came across an old bottle of this iconic perfume and it immediately took me back to my teenage years.

Launched in 1994, Versace also sold Blue Jeans men’s aftershave and later in 1995 launched Baby Rose Jeans perfume.

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But the original was better, in my humble opinion, and it’s true what they say…smells can bring back memories.

Most people of the same age remember the hype around Versace in Glasgow in the 1990s among teenagers.

The first step for any self-respecting teenager would involve buying Versace Red Jeans perfume for Christmas. As soon as you opened the can, that sweet smell filled the air. It was so distinctive and when you know, you know. Once you owned this Versace item, you wanted more.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The fashion the house, founded by the late Gianni Versace, was located in the fashionable Italian city center. They had a beautiful store on Ingram Street with marble floors and became an instant hit with teenagers for their much more affordable Versace jeans line.

Bright colors, crazy Versace prints and denim jeans were all on offer. They stood out with their distinctive Versace Jeans Couture label on the back featuring a jellyfish head.

Much more affordable than the high-end couture that Versace is known for, most of the girls in my high school wanted a pair. A trip to this store meant you were entering the second phase of your Versace obsession, and once you secured the goods, you could proudly display a glossy black Versace bag with red handles.

I often wish I was more like today’s teenagers who take endless photos so I can look back at myself in these jeans. But my memory is still strong, I recount every detail of them with a smile.

I remember lower end stores trying to make a version. I’m trying to forget the baby jeans. The ones that came in red and blue with pictures of babies everywhere. Of course, remember?

Glasgow Times:

Donatello Versace

The Versace store in Glasgow closed a few years ago, but I’m sure some of you will agree that it was loved by many.

And the next time you’re at the fragrance counter, smell the red jeans and believe me, it will take you back.