So Windows 10 22H2 is finally out. And that includes…well…um…just what exactly?

First, remember that there will be two releases of 22H2 this fall, one for Windows 11 and one for Windows 10. While there are many changes in Windows 11 22H2 (such as the newly released file tab explorer), Windows 10 22H2 is in Microsoft wordsa much more “volumetric” release, “focused on improving the overall Windows experience across existing features such as quality, performance, and security.”

I started looking at what’s included in the latest version of Windows 10 features, starting with an overview of changes like Group Policy.

There are only a few new Group Policies in Windows 10 22H2, ranging from browser settings to print protection and remote desktop sessions to local administrator lockout settings.

Here are the details:

  1. admx – Disable Windows ComponentsInternet Explorer HTML applications

This parameter determines whether the launch of the HTML application (HTA file) is allowed or blocked. If you enable this policy, the HTML application (HTA file) will be blocked from running. If you disable or do not configure it, the HTML application (HTA file) will be allowed to run.

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