Craig Hoy speaking ahead of Mr. Sunac’s formal appointment on Tuesday.

Mr Sunak won the Tory leadership contest on Monday without a vote behind his rivals Penny Mordant and Boris Johnson dropped out.

He will replace Liz Trusswho defeated him in the election in September but resigned prime minister last week after just six weeks in the role.

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party said it was time to “focus on putting people first” as he insisted incoming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was “the right man for the job”.

Mr Hoy told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program there was “no point going back to what happened in the first leadership election” and he believed Mr Sunak was “the right choice to be prime minister – the minister at this point in time”. “.

He said, “I think Rishi Sunak is the right person for the job.

“I think he is the right choice for prime minister at the moment. He had a very, very strong track record of dealing with the economic shocks we’ve seen during the current pandemic.

“He stepped in to protect one in three jobs in Scotland. It was a million jobs in Scotland. He made sure that we survived the economy through that crisis.

“Then, when the energy crisis started closing in on us, he stepped in to provide £1,650 for the most vulnerable families.”

Mr Hoy was told the Conservative Party had “taken us on a flight of fancy” over the past seven weeks.

He replied: “There is no point in going back to what happened in connection with the first leadership elections.

“Liz Truss has resigned. She did it quickly. We had a very quick election process yesterday, and that means we can start focusing on putting the people first today.

“And people’s priority is to make sure we get Scottish households through the very difficult winter ahead, and I’m absolutely confident that that’s what Rishi Sunak and his new government and his new cabinet will do.