Since its general availability earlier this fall, it has been adopted by a growing number of organizations in a variety of industries Qlik AutoML™ to complement the decision-making process with predictive analytics capability for 90% of use cases that do not require the deep expertise of professional data scientists.

Machine learning is used in all industries, but its wider adoption and value has been limited by a lack of bandwidth and resources for data scientists. Qlik AutoML fills this gap by giving users and analytics teams a simple, code-free way to use machine learning to train models, make predictions, and plan solutions for current analytics use cases. With Qlik AutoML, teams across the organization can now explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios. Qlik Sense® , which can then trigger alerts and automation for action across the business.

Such organizations The chef works, RevLocal and Bentley Systems use Qlik AutoML to better predict churn, improve efficiency, and attract and retain customers by modeling likely outcomes and turnaround strategies based on predictions. Another example Research ground, which serves the mortgage industry with actionable market information. Polygon uses Qlik AutoML to make predictions in areas such as loan repayment to help lenders take appropriate action by offering refinancing or loan modification options.

“This is where AutoML really shines,” said Greg Oliven, CTO of Polygon Research. “You can go to individual loans, see the interest on each individual variable, and then see the aggregate decision: Is this borrower going to pay early or not? What is the forecast? And what is the power of this prediction?”

Every department in the organization has common use cases for AutoML. Business users in sales (forecasting/attrition/retention), marketing (customer value and demand forecasting), finance (risk management and investment optimization), HR (employee retention/satisfaction/recruitment) and supply chain (inventory forecasting/bottlenecks and transport optimization) can benefit from better predictions that encourage active interaction.

“Modern analytics, augmented by machine learning, can take the guesswork out of the future and help decision makers learn what might happen, why that outcome is likely and, crucially, what changes will affect the outcome,” said Josh Good, VP -President of Product Marketing at Qlik. “Qlik AutoML helps organizations get more value from their data and empowers their teams to see around the corner when making decisions that impact results.”

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Qlik AutoML brings the power of machine learning to analytics teams