WE try to stay out of politics in this column, but honestly, I think I’ve been employed longer than Liz Truss has managed to stay in office!

Another week, another Prime Minister – it’s all getting depressingly familiar, isn’t it?

Dress up as the Prime Minister for Halloween? Maybe wait until Sunday before choosing your outfit – there might be another one by then!

There were so many jokes this week that even WhatsApp couldn’t handle it for a few hours.

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Rishi Sunak’s got his work cut out for him, that’s for sure, but without putting it down, the phrase “of course it can’t get any worse!” comes to mind.

Anyway, let’s stop the politics and look a little closer to home.

It’s been another stellar week for Glasgow. No, I don’t mean Robbie Williams at the Hydro… Instead, it was proper A-list material, as confirmed by your Glasgow Times, with Billy Connolly visiting the Mediterraneo restaurant in Glasgow. A legend.

Ask 100 Glasgow residents what three guests they’d like to have over for dinner and I’d bet Big Yin would be on at least half the lists.

Also this week, the UK’s only solar eclipse of the year was seen from Glasgow.

The boffins have reminded us never to look directly at it – wish they’d advised the same about the news!

Speaking of news, remember there was only one topic in town this time last year? Who remembers? Well done to you at the back – ugh, COP26.

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Beginning on Halloween 2021, the conference took over the town and then some for nearly two weeks, with locals worried about road closures, the cost of it all, and the fact that pretty much everything gave way when the world the leaders were on the move.

It’s funny to remember that it was three Prime Ministers (two months ago, to be honest!) – Sunak, Truss, Johnson … yes, Boris Johnson was in the spotlight when it all happened. What happened to him?

It’s been a quiet 12 months since then!

But if COP seemed like a big deal when she was home, is she really that big of a deal when she’s not?

To test this, dear reader, here’s another challenge: Where exactly will COP27 be held later this year?

No hints… I can tell you if you don’t know but you need to join my pyramid scheme.

Stay safe!