Cash-strapped British households can reduce the impact of rising energy bills with a new app that allows users to save energy at home easier and faster than ever before.

Developed by smart energy technology experts, Chameleon Technology, for free ivy The app gives users full control over the energy in their home, using smart energy meter data to provide a personal and smart savings experience. Users can see energy usage broken down by daily activity, allowing them to pinpoint which areas of the home use the most energy. The app also shows live energy data when connected to the ivie Bud home display, helping households make instant smart energy-saving decisions that will reduce costs, energy and carbon.

With energy prices and the cost of living at an all-time high, the ivie app will be a useful tool for households looking to save energy and further reduce their bills.

ivie is designed to help households understand their energy use, which is critical to saving energy in the home and reducing bills. This is made possible by an energy consumption analysis that shows which habits and activities, such as heating, laundry or lighting, use the most energy, with a clear indication of what can be saved in each area.

The app creates personalized energy-saving tips and tasks based on the user’s energy usage, helping to save even more on escalating bills. Households can also participate in a reward system for saving energy, which can be redeemed for prizes, weekly raffles and offers, giving more incentive to be more energy efficient at home.

Mike Woodhall, founder and CEO of Yorkshire-based Chameleon Technology, creators of a personal energy-saving platform, commented: “Understanding energy use and how to reduce it is a challenge for most people. With electricity bills now reaching extraordinary levels, it is vital that we improve our understanding of how we use energy in the home. The ivie app and ivie Bud were created for exactly this reason: to make energy management simpler, smarter and more personal. Accurate, real-time energy data is critical to achieving this goal. With real-time data, people can make smart energy-saving decisions on the spot that really change the way they use energy.

“Home energy management technology like the ivie program makes saving energy and reducing bills easier and more personal. There are currently hundreds of energy saving tips available, but not all of them are available or applicable to a family’s needs or resources. ivie produces information based on actual energy consumption rather than providing general advice based on typical UK household consumption. It’s a personal and simple approach that will change the way users interact with energy.”

Connecting the ivie Bud home display to the ivie app allows users to view real-time energy data on the go. With real-time information, users can instantly compare and adjust how and when energy is being used, which can save even more energy and money. With both a breakdown of energy consumption and the optional live data option, households gain a clearer understanding of how they use energy in the home. Ivie Bud IHD is available for purchase for £49.99.

Mike Woodhall added: “While the introduction of the Energy Price Guarantee provides some relief from what UK households have been facing, average electricity bills are still around £2,500, which, amid the rising cost of living, must cause great financial hardship. for many, especially vulnerable customers. There remains a clear need to find ways to help save money at home. Reducing energy use by understanding how much energy is used and potentially wasted at home is critical to this process.”

The ivie app not only helps people understand where they can save on their bills, but also encourages people to consider their carbon footprint. The app estimates the total carbon savings the user has made while using the app. As behavior changes and energy conservation tasks are taken on more, users can see their carbon savings multiply. The app also estimates the cumulative carbon saving impact of all users.

Mike Woodhall continued: “We all have a role to play in reducing our carbon emissions and the impact of our actions on climate change. While consumers are rightly focused on reducing their energy bills this winter, our view is that they are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The ivie app measures the carbon savings you make when you start changing your behavior and using less energy. We are excited to help people play their part in reducing their carbon footprint and embark on their personal journey to Net Zero.”

Many households, struggling to save energy and pay their bills, lack simple and personalized home energy management. Available as a free download for Apple and Android phones, the ivie app aims to be a useful solution that makes energy management simpler, smarter and more personal.

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