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A Tiktok video of a KFC store in Australia has been hit by outraged customers.

The footage shows an employee appearing to lick a batch of freshly cooked chicken.

Another worker then tilts their head back as the chips cascade down their face.

At the end of the clip, which says “POV – closing time,” an employee reaches for a tray of salad to eat handfuls.

It was reportedly filmed at a KFC store in Queensland.

The clip, which has 500,000 views, features a sped-up version of Katy Perry’s “Just Eat” promotional jingle.

Customers called for bosses to investigate the incident, with one user commenting: “Is this what you did when I was waiting an hour for my food?”

Another added: “Sending this to head office.”

The video was viewed almost 500 thousand times (Photo: Tiktok)
Customers vowed to boycott the store (Photo: Tiktok)

One Tiktok user warned: “Someone said ‘are you fired?’ has approached KFC for comment.

It’s not the only fast food chain to make headlines this week for the wrong reasons.

Mum is in the UK claimed to have found worms “wriggling” in McDonald’s ketchup dispensers as she ordered food for her children.

Corinne Caruana says the gruesome discovery happened at a branch of the chain in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, on October 10.

She was trying to slather her kids with chicken nuggets in the available tomato sauce when she suddenly stopped.

Corinne said: “I had placed my order and was waiting for it at the counter when I thought to bring ketchup for my son.

“I went to use the pump and as I lifted the pot I saw them moving.

“There was another lady who was going to get it, so I pointed it out to her; she just winced and walked away.’

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KFC workers filmed ‘licking cooked chicken’ and ‘munching lettuce’ after closing time