XX singer Oliver Sim has officially announced the news that he has been living with HIV since he was 17 years old.

The 32-year-old musician said he had lived with a diagnosis of “shame and fear” for so long that he felt now was the right time to reveal his HIV status to the world.

Speaking about his diagnoses, the singer revealed that he wrote the song Hideous to describe how he “felt” after he was first diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) as a teenager.

On Monday, sharing news on Instagram, Oliver said: “I’ve been living with HIV since I was 17 and it’s played out with how I treat myself and how I thought others felt towards me from that age and into my adult life ».

Oliver Sim, 32, explained how difficult it was for him to come to terms with his HIV status after being diagnosed with the disease at the age of 17.

The 32-year-old musician said he lives in it "shame and fear" so long
The 32-year-old musician said he has lived in “shame and fear” for so long.

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“So, quite impulsively, I wrote this on a song called Hideous. I thought I could release her into the world and finish.

“After she played a song to my mom, she gave me the best advice I’ve ever received.

“She invited me to first spend some time to talk to people in my life.

“Or people I haven’t spoken to yet, or people I’ve spoken to but didn’t want to talk about anymore.”

The singer said that he spent the next two years in these “difficult and awkward conversations”, but ultimately it allowed him to “feel much freer” and strengthen relationships with people in his life and with himself.

Oliver also added that he turned to Scottish singer Jimmy Somerville, known as Bronski Beat, after the band’s debut album The Age Of Consent was seen as a landmark release for the gay community.

He added: “I knew that for Hideous I wanted a guardian angel to appear in the song and sing me the words I needed to hear.

“Jimmy has not only been such a strong voice in the fight against HIV and AIDS for decades, but this man literally sounds like a guardian angel.

“I approached him as a fan, but now I consider him a real good friend.

“He encouraged me to make a song for myself. And most importantly, he reminded me not to take myself too seriously, nothing good will come of it!

“Am I Disgusting?” i feel much less like the question i am now asking the world. I know the answer.

“As scary as it is, I’m happy to share this music with you, and I hope you enjoy it.”

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