The Lidl summer wine tour starts on May 26

In the store from Thursday, May 26, 2022, the latest Lidl Wine Tour has 8 red, 10 white, 2 rosé and 3 sparkling wines from England, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Slovenia priced from £ 5.49 to £ 5.49 maximum at £ 19.99 for Premier Cru champagne.

The Senneval Champagne Premier Cru is the most expensive of the 23 wines in the last Summer Wine Tour and is a favorite on Lidl’s lists. Two more options for sparkling wines are English rosé and organic Italian prosecco for £ 7.99 called Brian.

Two roses are a choice between the standard Portuguese style for 6.99 pounds and the richer Spanish “off-dry” (wine jargon for sweets) for 5.49 pounds, which goes well with Spanish ham or fried on a barbecue.

Of the ten wines to choose from, whites make up the biggest style section. And what are they sweets – you can just buy one of each. There is a mix of Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc – Pinot Grigio (£ 7.99), trendy Austrian Gruner Veltliner (£ 7.49) and Spanish dry white from Albarino grape variety (£ 6.99).

The eight reds include the second most expensive Barolo Riserva 2012 for £ 14.99 with its aged flavors of tobacco and dried fruit (don’t expect light fresh fruit) and the Hungarian kekfrancos for £ 6.99, which tastes like expensive merlot with plum and red currant flavors.

So come to Lidl on Thursday 26 May and get the wine of your choice. After all, if they are not, they are not!

Uncorked wine recommends

Champagne Premier Cru Senneval Brut
£ 19.99 Lidl
The most expensive of the 23 wines in the last summer wine tour, Senneval Champagne is a favorite on Lidl’s lists. Crispy flavors of red apple make it a very tasty champion and go well with fish dishes – even fish and chips in batter.

Broadwood Folly Sparkling Rosé Brut
£ 15.99 Lidl
A white version of Broadwood Folly, made by Denbies, a respected English vineyard in Surrey, was on the Lidl Spring Wine Tour, but last appeared before that at Lidl in 2016. And now she’s back and worth a try as a pink. But expect it to be quite spicy in taste with apple and strawberry flavors.

Augustine Spanish pink
£ 5.49 Lidl
Fragrant Spanish “non-dry” pink, which goes well with Spanish ham or barbecue dishes.

Forget-me-not Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc – Pinot Grigio
£ 7.99 Lidl
Forget-me-not appeared on the Spring Wine Tour as a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, and is now back, but mixed with Pinot Grigio and as a still wine. Enjoy chilled wine for a picnic.

Carpinus Tokaji Harslevel
£ 7.99 Lidl
This Hungarian white from the Tokaje region (pronounced Tokeye) is unusual in that it is not sweet. The region is famous for its wines with a level of sweetness, measured in puttonyo, but this dry white, made from Harslevel grapes (in Hungarian means “grapes of the sun”) stands out with the taste of peach and mandarin.

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