After years of twice-annual Windows 10 feature updates, the yearlong wait for the first feature update to Windows 11 has seemed especially lengthy. But Windows 11 version 22H2 is here at last. (The “22” stands for the year 2022, and “H2” means it’s being released in the second half of the year.)

Unlike the frequently released quality and security updates, which fix bugs, plug security holes, and occasionally add a feature or two, feature updates typically add a host of new features to the OS, so there’s been a lot of anticipation about 22H2.

What’s in it? Does it live up to its billing, or is it a dud? I’ve been living with it for quite some time, and here are my answers to those questions and pretty much anything else you’d like to know about it.

Start menu tweaks

As with so many Windows feature updates, in this one Microsoft continues to fiddle with the Start menu. This time there’s nothing major, though, only a few minor tweaks.

My favorite addition is the ability to create folders to organize your apps, as you could in Windows 10 — a feature that Microsoft unaccountably eliminated in Windows 11. So you can, for example, group PowerPoint, a graphics program, and a video editor in the same folder so they’re easy to find when you create presentations.

Unfortunately, Microsoft seemed to go out of its way to hide this feature. There’s no obvious way to do it — although once you learn it, it’s a breeze to do:

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