As airline executives warn that average fares for the summer will rise to levels above 2019, The Independent may indicate that the price of a Ryanair a trip to Italy in May increases 18 times during the week.

From London Stansted to Pisa – the gateway to Tuscany – an evening flight on Monday 23 May costs just £ 11.99 – less than £ 13 a fare on passengers that Ryanair has to pay when a passenger departs from a UK airport.

The morning flight on Thursday, May 26, costs the same price, which is just under £ 24.

However, identical flights exactly a week later, during the main half of the year in England, are much more expensive: 269 pounds on departure and 159 pounds on return, which is 428 pounds.

The incoming flight actually dropped by almost £ 100 during Thursday. Today at 9 a.m. the return trip cost £ 525.

On trips, everything is identical, except for the cost of travel: the same aircraft, the same deadlines, the same rate of transportation of small luggage.

Airline tickets traditionally grow on flights during school holidays, and Queen’s Platinum Anniversary the holiday weekend is also increasing demand for the days just before the June 2 celebrations.

However, extraordinary changes in ticket prices are much more pronounced this summer. It seems that short trips are selling stubbornly slowly, while the demand for fixtures for the family is very high.

Earlier this week, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary made the announcement average summer fares will be “high single digits” from levels to pandemic.

Announcing the airline’s figures for the half-year, Mr O’Leary said: “Families are in very high demand for holidays. They are locked up for 18 months or two years. Of course, this summer will be a very strong return to the beaches of Europe.

Earlier today, his words were repeated by Johan LundgrenCEO of easyJet, who is also commenting on the results of his six-month career. At a meeting of analysts, he spoke of “high deferred demand on the network – stronger in the UK than elsewhere.”

The airline says average fares in July, August and September are 15 per cent ahead of 2019, the last normal summer before the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest tariff study is directly on the Ryanair website at 4pm on Thursday 19 May.

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