Flexible options, funded directly by dedicated distributors, will help partners easily transition to a subscription economy and make technology more accessible and accessible

LONDON, UK – May 17, 2022 – Westcon-Comstor, a global technology provider and dedicated distributor, announced today the launch of Flex (Flexible Payment Solutions), an innovative payment service that provides flexible IT financing.

Over the past decade, the technology industry has undergone a shift from traditional resale models to subscription-based offerings. This shift has allowed digital transformation programs to become more operational and iterative, providing easier access to the latest technology while reducing the pressure on capital.

Until now, suppliers and partners have had difficulty offering subscription services that customers are used to relying on due to pressure on their own working capital and cash flow. Flex alleviates these problems by providing industry-leading range of flexible payment solutions that are contracted and exhibited directly by Westcon-Comstor, without the need to turn to third-party billing agents or brokers. This allows partners and vendors to offer more solutions in their portfolio on a subscription basis, regardless of their billing capabilities or customer budget constraints.

As a central part of Westcon-Comstor’s broader approach to partner success, Flex is designed to deliver long-term, sustainable success, profitability and relevance in a growing world as a service.

The first success story of the service is Cello, now New Zealand’s fastest-growing television company, which took Flex during the height of the pandemic to help its customers tackle funding problems.

“If you’re not committed to making your partners and customers successful, you won’t be in business for very long,” said Andrew Alan, chairman of Cello. “Gone are the days of a single approach for all, flexibility is crucial for successful adaptation to market changes.

“As New Zealand’s fastest growing TV company, we are in a capital-intensive game and we need to work with partners who are willing to work in the best way for us and our customers. With its scale, experience and keen focus on partner success, no one does it like Westcon-Comstor. During COVID, Westcon-Comstor raised rates and tailored its services to our specific needs. ”

Colum McGregor, CFO of Westcon-Comstor, commented: “The market is clearly committed to subscription-based consumption models, but offering it is not a feat. We have developed Flex to best serve both suppliers and partners. Thanks to Flex, partners get bigger discounts from suppliers, increasing the size of the deal and maximizing the cost of their budget in the beginning.

“Because we do not use other billing providers, partners deal with us in exactly the same way as with any“ standard ”purchase. In addition, they can match payments with payments so that the customer gets exactly what he wants, the way he wants, without affecting the cash flow of the partner or provider.

With more than 90% of technology companies now using business consumption models, Flex will help all our partners and suppliers take full advantage of subscription models and take advantage of the industry’s direction. ”

For more information on Flex visit our website here: http://www.westconcomstor.com/flexiblepayments

Westcon-Comstor launches own flexible payment solutions to drive partner success

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