A number of attacks have recently taken place in Moldova, which borders Ukraine but not Russia (Photo: metro.co.uk)

The European Union promised to “significantly increase” military support Moldova for fears continue to grow that it may be involved Russiawar with Ukraine.

The European Union is considering additional military support to Moldova, EU Council President Charles Michel said the organization was considering on Wednesday what additional assistance it could provide to the Eastern European nation.

Among the boiling tension seen by Fr. a series of attacks in the Moscow-backed separatist region of the countryThe EU has said it wants to avoid any escalation.

But during a visit to the capital, Chisinau, Mr Michel told a news conference that the bloc was seeking help in building up the country’s forces.

“This year we plan to significantly increase support for Moldova by providing its armed forces with additional military equipment,” he said.

Moldovan President Maya Sandu, who also spoke, had previously said the blasts and bombings were leading to “escalating tensions”.

But on Wednesday, she downplayed the threat of an imminent transformation of the war, saying that although her country has plans for “pessimistic scenarios … we see no imminent risk now.”

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She added that the recent incidents in Transnistria were “caused by pro-war forces” there, and “we are trying to prevent such incidents.”

The Russian-backed separatist zone bordering Ukraine last week claimed that shots were fired in the village where the Russian weapons depot is located.

Region – a ‘de facto stateAlso known as Transnistria, he called a series of previous bombings “terrorist attacks” and blamed Ukraine.

Moldova is not a member of NATO and does not border Russia.

But at the beginning of the war he was a key ally of the Kremlin As it turned out, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko inadvertently suggested that Moldova was the next target of Russian aggression. as he pointed to the map.

Moldovan President Maya Sandu downplays imminent threat of war (Photo: EPA)

It happened a week after Fr. A Moldovan chemical tanker was hit by a missile off the coast of Ukraine – However, it was unclear who fired at the ship.

Mr Michel has now said that the consideration of additional support will be in addition to the logistics and cyber defense assistance already agreed by the EU.

Michel said the EU would seek to give Moldova “more military capabilities”, but would not go into details.

“The EU is in full solidarity with you, with Moldova, it is our European duty to help and support your country,” the EU leader added.

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“We will continue to deepen our partnership with you to bring your country closer to the EU.”

The strip of land in Moldova numbers about 470,000 people and has been under the control of separatist authorities since the 1992 war with Moldova.

Russia has about 1,500 troops there, who can gain easy access to Ukraine if Vladimir Putin’s forces gain control of the south.

The Russian general had previously said that the Kremlin’s military campaign was aimed at creating a land corridor through southern Ukraine in Transnistria.

Kyiv has accused Russia of wanting to destabilize the region to create grounds for military intervention.

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EU pledges ‘significant increase’ in military support to Moldova

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