Britain, the United States and the European Union have officially accused Russia of being behind a cyber attack targeting a satellite network used in Ukraine.

Businesses and individuals using routers from the U.S. company Viasat, which provides a broadband satellite Internet connection, were shut down just before tanks began entering the country.

“The cyberattack took place an hour before the unreasonable and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which contributed to military aggression,” the EU said in a statement.

“Although the main target is believed to be the Ukrainian military, other customers have been affected, including personal and commercial Internet users,” the Foreign Ministry added.

As a result of the attack 5,800 wind turbines in Germany were shut down as they depended on Viasat routers for remote monitoring and control.

The company said a total of tens of thousands of its terminals had actually been destroyed and needed to be replaced.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass said: “This is clear and shocking evidence of Russia’s deliberate and vicious attack on Ukraine, which has had significant consequences for ordinary people and businesses in Ukraine and across Europe.

“We will continue to advertise Russia’s vicious behavior and unprovoked aggression on land, at sea and in cyberspace and ensure that it faces grave consequences.”

Earlier, Viasat said it was “working closely” with wholesale distributors to bring its customers back online.

“Due to the wholesale nature of the business, Viasat does not usually deal directly with end users. Instead, distributors work directly with end customers and can identify victims to provide support for recovery services.”

The company noted that new modems are provided as the most effective way to restore service.

“Viasat has already sent tens of thousands of interchangeable modems to distributors and is ready to send additional modems as needed,” the statement added.

The EU statement described the attack as “another example of Russia’s irresponsible behavior in cyberspace, which has also become an integral part of its illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.”

“Such behavior contradicts the expectations of all UN member states, including the Russian Federation, regarding the responsible behavior and intentions of states in cyberspace.

“Russia must end this war and put an immediate end to senseless human suffering,” the EU added.

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