Ukraine may have shot down another Russian warship overnight, and the deputy said that one of them PasteIn the Black Sea “trouble” with the most modern frigates.

Alexei Goncharenko, head of the Odessa Council, home to Ukraine’s largest naval base, identified the ship in his Telegram channel this morning as Admiral Makarov, a $ 500 million frigate that was commissioned just five years ago.

He said the ship faced difficulties during the night before publishing a report from a local news agency that it was believed to have been shot down by a Ukrainian missile near Snake Island – the defenders of which memorably told another warship “go fuck it”.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that rescue ships and planes have set off RussiaThe largest port in the Black Sea is Sevastopol towards the place, and flight tracking data show that an American drone is circling nearby.

If Makarov is confirmed as a victim, it would be another very embarrassing blow to Russia after Ukraine managed to sink Moscow last month, the flagship of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet, with the loss of hundreds of its crews.

It is reported that one of Russia’s most modern frigates “Admiral Makarov” was hit by a Ukrainian missile while sailing in the Black Sea (image file)

Goncharenko, leaving for his followers today at about 10 am, wrote: “Admiral Makarov, a patrol frigate of the Russian Navy, is disappointed. God must avenge the offenders of Ukraine.

The frigate Admiral Makarov was laid in February 2012 at the Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad and launched in September 2015.

“And in 2022, when he was involved in the murder of Ukrainians, he was struck by the God of the Seas. I haven’t left Moscow yet, and the trouble has started. “

“God of the Seas” probably refers to Neptune – the name of Ukraine’s main anti-ship missile.

About half an hour later, he published an article from the local newspaper “Dumskaya”, which said: “According to preliminary information, the frigate could not dodge the Ukrainian anti-ship missile” Neptune “.

“The ship is badly damaged but remains afloat. In the meantime.

None of the Ukrainian military has yet commented on the attack, nor has there been any recognition from the Kremlin.

However, the Ukrainian armed forces added one boat to the count of destroyed Russian equipment published today, without giving more details.

Makarov is a frigate of the Admiral Grigorovich class, one of the newest ships of the Russian Navy and the most modern frigate operating in the Black Sea.

The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Moscow” was sunk as a result of a Ukrainian missile strike on April 14, as a result of which it caught fire (pictured)

Russia was forced to admit that

Russia was forced to admit that “Moscow” drowned, but accused it of a combination of unexplained explosion on board and “stormy sea”

The warships, which cost about $ 500 million each, are equipped with eight cruise missile launchers and almost certainly participated in attacks on cities in western Ukraine during the conflict.

They also carry a 100-mm naval gun, two dozen anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship torpedoes and short-range weapons systems designed to detonate incoming missiles.

Admiral Makarov is one of the three main naval combatants of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.

It was “the best and most important of them,” according to an analysis by in a report earlier today.

And this makes the 409-foot “Admiral Makarov” perhaps the most valuable target for Ukrainian missile crews and drone operators.

“We do not know exactly which of the best anti-ship missiles” Neptune “left the Ukrainian fleet, and whether the Kiev drones TB-2 are hunting for a Russian frigate or its Black Sea sisters.

“In any case, it is obvious that the commanders of the Russian fleet understand the danger.

“There is evidence that Admiral Makarov’s skipper tried to keep her away from the Ukrainian coast.

Ukraine also destroyed a Russian Alligator-based landing craft, the Orsk, which exploded in the port of Berdyansk after state media revealed its whereabouts.

Ukraine also destroyed a Russian Alligator-based landing craft, the Orsk, which exploded in the port of Berdyansk after state media revealed its whereabouts.

Russian warships have generally been kept at a distance from the Ukrainian coast since “Moscow” was shot and sunk on April 14.

It was originally thought that Ukraine used drones to distract the ship before hitting it with two Neptune cruise missiles.

But based on pictures of the ship taken when it sank, a new analysis shows that its main radar grilles may not have been active when it was attacked.

Analysts at the United States Naval Institute say the radar plates on top of the ship appear to be in a “packed” position when “Moscow” sinks, which probably means they were not active or were not fully active.

This means that the ship’s surface-to-air missiles – its main defense against subsequent attacks – would not have been fully operational at the time, which means that it would not have been able to see Ukrainian missiles before they hit.

Ukraine also appears to have targeted the ship’s most vulnerable point, its front engine room and “survivability compartment”, which distributes energy to the ship and launches its damage control system.

According to analysts, the explosion of this part of the ship could lead to “loss of all electricity”, which would significantly impede the ability of the crew to fight the next fire that broke out.

Since then, US officials have confirmed that they provided Ukraine with satellite data, which it later used to target the ship.

Unnamed officials told American newspapers that Ukraine had asked about a ship sailing south of Odessa.

The United States said it was “Moscow” and helped confirm its whereabouts before the attack.

Despite the fact that “Moscow” is the loudest ship sunk by Ukraine, “Moscow” is not the first – this infamous trophy belongs to the sunken in March, the transport ship “Orsk”.

In this regard, the ship was hit by Ukrainian missiles after Russian state media reported its location in the port of Berdyansk.

A direct hit in the “Orsk” led to the fact that it caught fire and sank, and two smaller landing ships, moored nearby, were damaged, managed to sail.

Orsk was later sunk and is now at the bottom of Berdyansk Harbor, making the water too shallow for Russia to use for other ships.

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