The seven-year-old Ukrainian figure skater, who now lives in Bristol after fleeing the war, is looking for a new coach to maintain his training regime.

Gosha Mandziuk, who competed in the national competition and was a member of the hockey team, has not been able to skate for three months.

Since Gosha went out on the ice for the first time since joining the host family, his mother Irina told Sky News that figure skating was a big part of his life back home.

She said: “The biggest hobby in our family – especially Gosha – is figure skating. He likes competitions, medals and the whole process – just skating!”

“I’m sorry I can’t fix this. My task is not to lose [his] skills in general.

“It’s an accurate and challenging sport, and you need to train for a few hours every day, so I want to come back with something.”

Before the war, Gosha trained six days a week Ukraineget up at 5am.

Now he has settled with his family in Bristol, he and his mother are looking for a new coach and somewhere to train – but in the UK the cost is much higher.

“Now it’s at least five times more expensive and now I can’t afford it. I need support to continue training for him, a real training process. We can’t do without a coach.”

She added: “It upsets me a lot. It upsets and angers me. We are going to continue, but it is already three months of war. We need to continue as soon as possible, because we are losing skills. We need to train and have the ability.”

Dangerous journey

Gosha and Irina arrived in the UK last month and are staying with Carolyn Drugan and her family.

Ms. Drugan told Sky News that great efforts are being made to bring Gosha’s skating equipment to England.

“She [Iryna] told me that her husband was going back to Kyiv – a dangerous train ride without light, so as not to draw attention to the Russians, there was a moving train because they were bombing trains.

“He did it at night, went to their apartment, took his skates and gear and had to go in reverse, and I thought, wow – these skates are probably very important for this family!”

Gosha Mandziuk, a seven-year-old Ukrainian skater who asked the coach to help him train, is now in the UK

She added: “If he could go out on the ice, that would be the only thing he could have from home and I think it would be very positive for him to be able to continue playing the sport he loves and which he there is “. talented. “

Gosha hopes to find a coach in Bristol and continue to train until he and his family are finally able to return to Ukraine.

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