There have been rumors for a long time that Vladimir Putin is suffering from deteriorating health (Photo: Reuters / Getty)

There is a “very real threat” that Vladimir Putin could launch a nuclear attack because he has “the emperor’s madness,” an oligarch close to the Kremlin reportedly said.

Since the invasion of UkraineMoscow has sent several horrific reports about him willingness to use nuclear weapons in the west.

NATO leaders in general rejected these threats with Boris Johnson arguing that “Putin has much more political space to retreat, retreat.”

But constant reports of Putin’s alleged deteriorating health could throw off the wrench.

The billionaire he quotes The sun said insiders told them that “big business, closely linked to power, sits quiet as a mouse because the emperor’s madness is real and the threat of a nuclear strike is also very real.”

“They told me that Putin’s psychiatric health was really bad, and that the story of his insanity was no joke,” the source added.

This comes after Hristo Grozev, a leading investigator in Russia for the Dutch journalist group Bellingcat, told Ukrainian TV-24 that there are oligarchs who believe Putin has cancer.

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Other experts say “elites no longer believe in Putin because they think he has cancer” (Photo: Getty)
Russia has repeatedly threatened the West with nuclear war (Photo: Reuters)

Mr. Grozeu said: “I have no exact data on that [Putin’s] health condition, but people close to him, including oligarchs, believe he has cancer.

“An oligarch close to him spoke about Putin’s serious cancer. Once again I can’t tell you that’s true, but I can say that they’re talking about it.

“People around him believe that he has such a disease. This is becoming a factor in Russia’s domestic policy because people no longer trust Putin – they do not believe he can be their guarantor in the future.

“And it’s a feeling in the elite.”

Putin’s photo used what looked like a woolen blanket as he sat with other Kremlin officials to watch the Victory Parade, Russia’s 1945 celebration of the country’s Nazi defeat.

This caused the latest rumors about the health of the almost 70-year-old boy, but other generals used the same blankets, and the highest temperature in Moscow was 9ºC.

Before that, It is reported that Putin was filmed with a trembling hand and a trembling leg which leads to speculation as to whether the leader may have Parkinson’s disease.

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Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat is ‘very real as health worsens’, insider claims

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