The Kremlin chief appeared unable to sit still during a security meeting today (Image: Getty Images/AFP)

Today’s frequent “fussiness” of Vladimir Putin has led to new speculations about his health.

The Russian president led a series of nuclear exercises which involved missiles, submarines and bombers.

According to state media, the military was practicing “delivering a massive nuclear strike by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike.”

In a short video that was broadcast on Russian news channels, you could see Putin talking to the heads of the security services and watching the exercises.

Many noted that he struggled to keep still, moved papers and repeatedly picked up the pen only to put it down again.

One Twitter user wrote: “It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with pens and papers, rearranging them, picking up different pens.

“Putin has a habit of “rearranging the papers” of past photos.”

The Kremlin leader demonstrated similar behavior in recent public speeches.

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He surrendered in September can’t stop leg twitching during the conversation.

The Russian president, speaking at a conference of young environmentalists, tapped the arm of his chair, which he also seems to have grabbed for support, This is reported by MailOnline.

The surreal sightings have fueled rumors that the warmonger may be seriously ill, with reports that he is suffering from all cancer to Parkinson’s disease – while others attribute his puffy face to the use of mood-altering steroids.

He is earlier looked “unsteady on his feet” and his “trembling hands” have been celebrated since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Rumors about Putin’s physical and mental health have intensified (Photo: Getty Images)

The wave of new attacks by Russia has raised fears that, faced with setbacks on the battlefield, the Kremlin may resort to even more extreme measures to escalate the war.

During today’s meeting, Putin Russia’s repeated accusations of potential use of a “dirty bomb” by Ukraine.

He said the risk of conflict in the world and the region is high, and that there is a need to strengthen security around key infrastructure facilities.

World leaders are criticizing Russia’s accusations that Ukraine is planning such an attack.

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Putin appears to ‘fidget’ overseeing Russia’s nuclear exercise