The intelligence agency says Washington is “ready to use any means?” including hiring ISIS fighters as mercenaries

The United States is “actively recruiting” terrorists to fight in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said Tuesday, saying it illustrates Washington’s readiness to “use any means to achieve its geopolitical goals.”

The SVR said in a statement that, according to intelligence it received, the United States was actively recruiting even members of international terrorist organizations, including the banned Islamic State (ISIS) group in Russia, as mercenaries to take part in hostilities. in Ukraine “.

Russian intelligence points to a U.S. military base in Syria called Al-Tanf, which is located near the borders with Jordan and Iraq. According to her sources, this base and the surrounding area have turned into a kind of terrorist “hub”, where up to 500 ISIS and other jihadists can “relearn” at the same time. The SVR said last month that 60 ISIS militants who had been released from Syrian Kurdish-controlled prisons had been transferred to al-Tanf “for further transfer to Ukrainian territory.”

The SVR clarified that during the training courses in Et-Tanf, the militants are instructed in the use of anti-tank missile systems, reconnaissance and strike drones, advanced communications and surveillance.

According to the SVR, these data confirm that “the United States is ready to use any means to achieve its geopolitical goals, not excluding the sponsorship of international terrorist groups.”

In conclusion, the intelligence services said that the US administration does not take into account the consequences of such actions, “even when it comes to threats to the security of European allies and even the lives of Americans.”

Washington insists that “there are no American soldiers in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the presence of US troops on Syrian territory at the Al-Tanf base, which the SVR mentions in its statement, has long been considered illegal in both Moscow and Damascus. The previous US administration has promised that US forces will leave northeastern Syria, but only after ISIS militants are defeated and the Kurds are protected.

The then national security adviser John Bolton made it clear that another task of American forces in At-Tanfa was to counter Iranian influence in the region.

In October 2021, there were reports that, according to Israeli defense sources, about 350 military and civilians continued to use Al-Tanf, including some British and French forces who were called “intelligence experts.”


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