Private hospital facing a police investigation after the patient’s death, the service regulator received an urgent warning due to concerns patient safety.

Huntercomb Hospital in Maidenhead, where treated children with mental health needs, it was said he urgently needs to address the safety concerns identified by the Health Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an inspection in March.

The CQC issued an official warning to the hospital because of concerns about failures in the way staff conducted surveillance of vulnerable patients.

Moving happens like The Independent Police have been investigating the hospital in connection with the young girl’s death earlier this year.

Due to concerns the provider is limited to filling only 22 of the 51 beds.

Earlier in March last year, the CQC assessed the hospital as “inadequate”, and in July it was upgraded to “in need of improvement”.

However, the CQC has suspended the hospital’s rating, which means it cannot count on the latest rating to be accurate due to the concerns raised.

Huntercombe Group, now owned by Active Care Group, had another hospital in Stafford earlier this year that was assessed as “inadequate”.

In a report released Thursday, the health service said it had received “mostly negative” feedback from young people from the Thames, a psychiatric intensive care unit that treats children with acute illness.

Commenting on the hospital as a whole, the report said: “Young people told us that staff did not follow service plans depending on their level of observation. We were told that in the event of an incident, officers stopped conducting periodic observations. The staff responsible for the changes in the wards asked the new staff to conduct observations before they figured out how to do it. The staff had to ask young people how to conduct their observations, because they did not always understand what was expected of them when conducting different levels of observations.

He added that not all employees understood the needs of young people and made “useless” comments about their mental health crises.

“Some young people said they thought the hospital should be closed. However, they also believed that there are qualified staff and that there are interesting events for them to take part in, ”the report says.

According to the CQC, in February the hospital said the vacancy rate of nurses reached 60 percent and 42 percent of support staff. However, inspectors said it had improved in March.

The report also found that staff working with young people with eating disorders in the two wards of the hospital did not receive sufficient training, and only 20 percent attended four-hour training on eating disorders.

Karen Bennett-Wilson, head of the CQC Hospital Inspection, said: “When we inspected Huntercomb Maidenhead Hospital, we found that some improvements had been made, and as a result the morale of the staff improved.

“However, we still have a number of serious concerns about the safety and quality of care.”

“In principle, the hospital did not have enough competent, qualified staff who would know young people and how to take care of them. Staff need proper training to ensure that they can reliably conduct surveillance to ensure that young people remain safe … As a result, staff sometimes left young people unattended and sometimes had to ask young people how to support them. them and what observations need to be made to go out. This is absolutely unacceptable. “

A spokesman for Active Care Group said: “We are disappointed with the findings of the Health Care Quality Commission (CQC) following its visit in March 2022, but we look forward to a full review in due course.

“The safety and well-being of our young patients has always been our top priority and will remain so as we emulate the results of this inspection and do our best to follow the recommendations.”

The supplier added that he was pleased that the CQC had noted improvements since July 2021, including staff increases and renovations of hospital buildings.

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