The University of Edinburgh has revealed the startups that formed the latest cohort for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator from the UK and abroad.

The accelerator will take place at the Bayes Centre, Edinburgh Innovations and virtually. It is supported by design consultancy NileHQ, Huawei UK and the University of Edinburgh’s Edinburgh Earth Initiative.

Eligible startups had to demonstrate the use cases of artificial intelligence in areas such as health and wellbeing, social security and the smart environment.

Joining us is John Brody, founder of Aquila Insight Consulting AI accelerator this year as an entrepreneur at the place of residence.

“For the past 20 years, my two passions have been leading effective data science projects and enabling early-stage businesses to scale. This role allows me to combine both, and I’m really looking forward to helping these companies grow to their potential,” Brody said.

Here are 12 startups that have made it to the University of Edinburgh’s AI accelerator, run by its innovative Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


Founded by: 2016 year

Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

Using current and historical building data collected by sensors, Beringar aims to reduce energy and service costs.

Dan Robotics

Founded by: 2020 year

Headquarters: East Lothian, Scotland

Danu is building a robotic waste sorting product that can automate waste management and pollution removal, processes that are currently done manually by humans.

Light rice

Founded by: 2019 year

Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand

The company has developed artificial intelligence software that can be used in food safety testing, which aims to save money and time. Its artificial intelligence can also be used to detect dietary patterns of nutrients.

Etiq AI

Founded by: 2019 year

Headquarters: London, England

Those working in data science can use the Etiq AI platform to test machine learning algorithms (a subset of artificial intelligence) and find software problems.

The beginning of AI

Founded by: 2020 year

Headquarters: Leicester, England

The East Midlands company’s conversational AI chatbot can help users understand and complete an income and expenditure form.

Medical doctor of health

Founded by: 2018 year

Headquarters: Stirling, Scotland

Healthcare professionals can use Medkal’s remote patient monitoring platform to help healthcare professionals verify patient data.

Microplate Dx

Founded by: 2021 year

Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

The Microplate diagnostic test, developed by the University of Strathclyde, helps clinicians make faster decisions about which antibiotic to prescribe for a patient. Its artificial intelligence can help detect new resistance threats, Microplate reports.


Founded by: 2020 year

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, USA

The US company’s artificial intelligence software integrates various sources of information to help clinicians treat brain lesions.


Founded by: 2019 year

Headquarters: London, England

NeuralSpace’s natural language processing (a subset of artificial intelligence) allows users to design their own speech or text patterns.


Founded by: 2017 year

Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland

With REOptimize’s AI-powered wind turbine software, operators can improve their performance using optimized firm management settings and, according to the company, can increase revenue by £10,000 per year per wind turbine.


Founded by: 2021 year

Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland

Smplicare’s AI app makes suggestions based on data from medical devices and questionnaires to help people live longer.


Founded by: 2019 year

Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland

One of Vahanomy’s products is a location tool that aims to speed up the optimization and selection of EV charging locations.

University of Edinburgh reveals AI startups in latest accelerator cohort

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