Vladimir Paste The head of the country’s intelligence claimed to have survived the assassination attempt after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Kirill Budanov said that Putin was “attacked by representatives of the Caucasus” – a region that includes Armenia, AzerbaijanGeorgia and part of southern Russia – about two months ago.

‘[It was an] It was an absolutely unsuccessful attempt, but it really happened … It was about 2 months ago, ”Budanau said.

“I repeat, this attempt was unsuccessful. There was no publication about this event, but it took place. “

If this is true, it will be the only known assassination attempt on Putin since he launched a total war against Ukraine on February 24.

According to local media, the head of Ukrainian intelligence said that Vladimir Putin was assassinated two months ago.

Budanov did not directly link the assassination attempt to the war in Ukraine, and Putin has a number of persistent enemies in the region from previous conflicts.

He ordered the Russians to invade Georgia in 2008 – a war that ended in a stalemate – and has been fighting a low-level conflict against Islamist insurgents, including ISIS, for many years.

The security situation has also been destabilized in recent years by fighting between Armenia, a close ally of Russia, and Azerbaijan, which included the 2020 war over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Military action along their common border unfolded in the first months of this year, just before Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine in late February.

It is said that Putin fears assassination after declaring war, after shock forces were sent to Ukraine in the early days of the conflict to eliminate President Zelensky.

Zelensky and his entourage described having survived several attempts to storm the presidential palace in the early hours of the war, which they said were missions to “kill or capture” Russian “saboteurs.”

Last month, Putin took his “nuclear football” – a portfolio that could launch a remote attack – to the funeral of a far-right politician. The mourning was cleared when the president paid tribute to ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, demonstrating fear of assassination.

Putin has previously said he has avoided numerous attacks.

In 2017, Putin told director Oliver Stone that he had been assassinated five times – and the only reason he is alive – is that he is personally concerned with his own safety.

“I’m doing my job, and the security forces are doing their job, and they’re still working pretty well,” Putin said in the documentary “Interview with Putin.”

Putin is said to be traveling with his own squad of snipers, whose role is to find the shooters and kill them before they can pull on Putin’s trigger.

In 2012, a former schoolboy in Britain was arrested in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in connection with a failed plot to assassinate Putin.

Kirill Budanov (pictured), head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that there was an attempt to assassinate the President of Russia after he invaded Ukraine, the newspaper

Kirill Budanov (pictured), head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that there was an attempt to assassinate the President of Russia after he invaded Ukraine, the newspaper “Ukrainian Truth”.

Adam Osmayev, who comes from a well-known Chechen family opposed to Putin, was captured by riot police in Odessa, and he allegedly confessed to wanting to go to Moscow and kill Putin, who was then a presidential candidate, by bombing his motorcade.

Osmayev spent years in prison in Ukraine after being involved in the assassination attempt. Moscow tried in vain to extradite him to Russia, but Kyiv refused.

In March, the former head of the British army said that NATO and Western allies should not rule out the possibility of killing Putin.

Colonel Richard Kemp said Putin posed a “constant and deadly threat” and killing him could be “unpleasant” for some, but it could help save thousands of lives.

Osama bin Laden, the head of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the commander of the Iranian Republican Guard Kasem Suleimani were killed to counter the threats, the colonel said.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded British troops in Afghanistan, told the Mirror: “NATO must consider all options for removing him from power. That would involve killing him, although it is unlikely to be viable or desirable. ”

Earlier this month, the former top U.S. general said Putin would be desperate to stay in power because his successor might want to kill him.

In the outrageous halls of Russian power politics, where he cannot count on the rule of law and state institutions to protect him, Putin may find himself in real danger from high-ranking military and security officials over Russia’s catastrophic actions in invading Ukraine.

General Jack Keane said Putin, who is reportedly in very poor health, would do “everything” to stay in power, after discovering that the bite he took out of Ukraine could be more than he could to live.


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