Surveillance cameras recorded the moment when the men were taken to the place where their bodies were found a few weeks later (Photo: New York Times)

New evidence has been revealed pointing to a brutal war crime in Bucha.

Eight people were killed by Russian firing squads in the suburbs of Kiev, reports New York Times consequences.

Surveillance cameras recorded the moment when the group was taken to the parking lot under the barrel of a pistol, where their bodies will be found later.

The newspaper interviewed witnesses who said they heard shots from which the men were taken during the Kremlin’s occupation of the city.

Drone records and evidence from the scene appear to confirm that they were killed in cold blood, even though they were unarmed.

Seven of those killed were volunteers from the makeshift defense forces and were trying to hide in the house of the eighth killed when Russian troops entered the city.

Ukrainian forces had previously successfully repulsed a Russian attack, but when elite soldiers re-entered Bucha, the men, who had only one gun, hid.

Buch, a suburb of Kyiv, saw some of the worst atrocities by Kremlin forces who thought they would never be prosecuted (Photo: AFP / Getty)

The ninth person in the group was released after allegedly betraying the rest, and is now under investigation by Ukrainian authorities for treason, the Times reported.

One survivor, despite being shot in the abdomen, confirmed the story.

He told the Times: “I fell and pretended to be dead. I did not move or breathe.

“It was cold outside and you could see people’s breathing.”

Russian military shell casings and rations were found at the scene a few weeks after the guard soldiers were forced to retreat, leaving evidence of war crimes throughout the region.

In the vicinity of Kiev increased the cemetery to place the bodies of those killed in battle (Photo: Getty)

The Kremlin has consistently denied the atrocities of its soldiers, accusing Ukraine of staging the Bucha killings.

He comes in the same week The first Russian soldier was convicted of a war crimeshooting of an unarmed civilian in Sumy region.

21-year-old sergeant Vadzim Shyshymarin admitted that he shot an unarmed 62-year-old man riding a bicycle from the open window of a stolen car.

He fled the area along with other Russian soldiers when Ukrainian forces recaptured the territory when he killed Alexander Shelipov.

Ukrainian prosecutors say they have gathered evidence of thousands of war crimes committed in the formerly Kremlin-held territory.

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Harrowing footage shows Ukrainian men being marched to their death in Bucha

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