UK fashion brands allow you to expand your wardrobe collection without breaking the bank. The UK has a long history of great fashion skills and creativity in fashion manufacturing and design. Let’s take a look at five of the best UK designer brands that can make you shine. The Ted Baker Women’s Jackets collection is one of the most famous to keep in your wardrobe.

Ted Baker

One of Britain’s fastest growing leading lifestyle brands is Ted Baker. It offers men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and everything in between; The categories have grown dramatically since the company launched in 1987 as a menswear brand in Glasgow. Currently, Ted Baker offers a wide collection of boots, watches, glasses, cosmetics and so on.

The iconic British company Ted Baker is known for its eccentric and widely accessible fashion line. It is best known for its lush floral prints, distinctive colors and abundance of patterns, as well as high-end details.

Temperley London

In 2000 British fashion designer Alice Temperley founded the famous company Temperley London. This brand is known for its modern women’s designs that easily meet the needs of every individual. In order to maintain an artistic appearance, the products must be created using artisanal techniques, exquisite handmade decorations and beauty. Temperley London’s core business is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that has developed a wide range of clothing for every occasion. Kate and Pippa Middleton, Halle Berry, Thandie Newton and Eva Mendes are just a few of the famous people and royals who love her beaded and embroidered feminine outfits.


Burberry, one of Britain’s oldest fashion brands, was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1870 and became famous for its gabardine fabric, a durable waterproof material. Military officers and Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, were both in their uniforms. Even Queen Elizabeth II gave Burberry her stamp of approval when she awarded the company a Royal Warrant in recognition of its services. While the British clothing company still pays homage to its modern plaid and vintage outerwear collections, it also shows a willingness to adapt by using modern materials such as denim and leather.

In the 20th century their trench coats gained huge appeal and unfortunately the football hooligans of the seventies adopted their unique cage.

Stephen Jones

Fashion brand Stephen Jones specializes in bespoke headwear for a variety of uses including baseball caps, berets, cowboy hats and party hats. The company also sells scarves. The company was founded in 1980 by Stephen Jones and is based in Covent Garden, central London.

The Georgian townhouse currently houses a retail store called Stephen Jones, a workshop and an architectural studio. The company works with high-quality materials to create unique, finely crafted and polished designs. Stephen Jones created the Japan-focused brand Jonesgirl in 1993 and the diffusion line Miss Jones, which includes headwear, in the 1990s. Since then, this company has successfully entered the Japanese market. The company also has a license to produce cosmetics, T-shirts and handkerchiefs under its name.

Vivienne Westwood

In the 1970s, Vivienne Westwood played a significant role in the popularization punk fashion, and her works are still in high demand today. She has designed pieces for various British royals and some of the world’s biggest stars, including the iconic Westwood wedding dress that featured prominently in the first Sex and the City movie. The haute couture designer is an environmental activist who uses fashion as a platform. She creates collections of fine clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories for both men and women that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

To campaign for the preservation of life on Earth and inspire people to take action against climate change and human rights, Vivienne Westwood designs collections, partnerships and fashion shows.


These renowned British luxury clothing brands specialize in high fashion, artisanal collections and fashion designs that allow you to dress elegantly so you can turn heads wherever you wear your outfit.

Top 5 UK Designer Brands That Can Make You the Showstopper

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