Phillips Alessandra’s wife shares tragic news (Photo: Getty / Reuters)

In search of a missing British journalist in the village Amazon rainforest.

The wife of the House of Philips Alessandro is said to have shared the tragic news with the Brazilian media.

It is feared that the second body found is 41-year-old Brazilian expert on indigenous people Bruno Pereira, who was last seen with Phillips in western Brazil.

Journalist Andre Trigeiro said the bodies still needed to be examined to determine whether they belonged to the missing.

Officials have not yet confirmed the news, but it is believed that their families have been informed of the find.

It comes after the family of 57-year-old Mr Phillips said their hopes of finding him alive were gone.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, his mother-in-law wrote, “They are no longer with us. Mother Nature snatched them with grateful embraces.

“The material was abolished and incorporated into the land they so loved and respected.

Mr. Phillips is Fr. veteran foreign correspondent (Photo: AFP via Getty Images)

“Their souls have joined the souls of many others who have given their lives in defense of tropical forests and indigenous peoples.

“Today, they are part of the vast and pulsating life energy that comes from this vast greenery that is the heart of Brazil.”

Mr Phillips’ wife reportedly republished the statement and said she agreed.

The last time these two men were seen was on June 5 near the territory of the indigenous people of the Jawari Valley.

Search teams have found that they own personal belongings, the Brazilian federal police said today.

Uncovered items included a backpack and a pair of boots belonging to Mr. Phillips, as well as a medical card, black pants, black sandals and a pair of boots belonging to Mr. Pereira. contacted the Foreign Office and the British Embassy in Brazil for comment.

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Body found in search for missing British journalist in Amazon

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