Constant inflation – the highest in America since the 1980s – has not only hit many American consumers hard, but also damaged the political destiny of President Joe Biden, whom some see as deaf to economic issues. A CBS News poll was released Sundayin which 69 percent of respondents thought the economy was “pretty bad” or “very bad,” Biden’s rejection rate was 56 percent.

Diz also outlined some steps in the White House textbook on fighting inflation.

“We need to give the Federal Reserve independence to do what it does. It has the tools to fight inflation, ”he said.

“Second, during this period we need to reduce costs and make it more accessible to families. The steps we can take to reduce the cost of online bills paid by families, or the prices of prescription drugs they pay, are very important now. ”

The other part of the plan is working to reduce the federal deficit, he said.

“If we can do all this, then we can build on the historical strengths we have here in the U.S. economy, and we can move to more stable growth that will yield better results for families,” he said.

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