The £ 300,000 monument was erected yesterday without ceremony in her hometown of Grantham, Lynx, on a 10-foot plinth under video surveillance.

The statue towers over St. Peter’s Hill, near a grocery store owned by the ex-premier’s family.

A temporary fence was erected to protect the memorial, but eggs were thrown at it two hours later.

The video on social networks shows a man in a white T-shirt approaching with a box. His first two eggs missed, but a protester hit a third, and the remains were visible yesterday afternoon.

Lincolnshire police said: “We received reports of criminal damage to the statue of Margaret Thatcher shortly after 10am on Sunday.

“There were no detentions. The investigation is underway. “

The memorial was proposed to the South Kesteven District Council after the Westminster Council rejected it for fear of “civil disobedience and vandalism”.

The planned opening ceremony of £ 100,000 was heavily criticized in 2020, while more than 13,000 people expressed interest in the proposed “egg-throwing contest” on Facebook.

The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain, nicknamed the Iron Lady, was born in Grantham in 1925 and died in 2013 at the age of 87.

The only former memorial in Baroness Thatcher’s hometown was a plaque at the site of her birth.


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