• The Prime Minister will carry out landmark reforms to rejuvenate the main streets and restore pride in local areas
  • The new legislation is central to the government’s mission to level cities across the country, create new jobs and infrastructure
  • Following the publication of the government’s flagship white paper on alignment to expand opportunities and prosperity across the UK

A bill to raise and regenerate, which is expected to be unveiled in the Queen’s speech next week, will give local leaders the powers needed to revitalize urban centers.

Nowadays, shops can stand empty for years, destroying the main street and losing opportunities for new jobs. The new legislation will allow local leaders to force landlords to rent out commercial real estate, revitalizing major streets, rejuvenating city centers and restoring public pride in their hometowns.

Councils will be given more power to take control of buildings for the benefit of their communities, turning boarded-up shops or abandoned buildings into thriving businesses, shared public spaces or housing.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“The big streets up and down the country have long been overshadowed by abandoned shop windows because they have been neglected, depriving local communities of opportunities.

“We are correcting this by handing over power to local leaders and the community so that our cities can rejuvenate, empower and restore pride in the neighborhood.”

According to the British Retail Consortium, the number of empty shop windows has risen to 1 in 7, in the New mandatory mandatory auction auctions ensure that landlords will auction off stores that have been vacant for more than a year in front of potential tenants, allowing for good use of the buildings.

The move will create opportunities for new businesses and community groups, paving the way for new jobs to boost employment, strengthen the local economy and restore local pride.

Enhancement Secretary Michael Gove said:

“By giving local communities the opportunity to rent out stores that have been empty for a year or longer, we will stop the plight of boarded-up stores that have been destroying some of our big cities across the country for too long.

“These measures breathe new life into the main streets, turning once-lively communities into living places to live and work, and restoring local pride as we rise to a level across the country.”

Councils will also be given greater powers to stimulate regeneration through mandatory purchase orders, making it faster and easier for councils to use powers to provide much-needed local housing and infrastructure.

Mandatory purchase orders allow purchasing authorities, including local government agencies, to purchase buildings without the consent of the owner for the public good. This may include purchasing land for social housing or other regeneration projects.

The Banstead and Regate Council used these powers to renovate the old car park to set up a new cinema, shops, entertainment venues and housing in downtown Redhill, Surrey.

To support bustling main streets and thriving communities, licensing red tape will be lifted forever, allowing businesses to serve food outdoors and attract visitors year-round.

During the pandemic, restaurants, pubs and bars were given temporary powers to serve guests on the sidewalks, which helps reduce the loss of table space due to the requirements of social distancing.

Thanks to the new legislation, these powers will become permanent to empower businesses to stimulate the local economy and bring life to local communities.

A bill to raise and regenerate following the publication of the government’s flagship White Paper on Leveling, which outlines plans to transform the UK, spreading opportunities and prosperity in all its parts.

The UK government is also providing a temporary easing of business rates of £ 1.7 billion in 2022-23 for up to 400,000 retail, hospitality and leisure facilities to support Main Street.

The Main Streets Task Force will continue to support communities in regenerating their main streets to meet evolving local needs. It already supports 84 local authorities in accessing expert support in areas such as site creation, planning and design.


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