SuperQuesters: A case of stolen sun it is the first title in a unique new series of interactive children’s books published on May 3, 2022 by STEM experts Dr. Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss (illustrated by Amy Wilcox).

A team of husband and wife, Lisa Moss and computer scientist Dr. Thomas Bernard, founded QuestFriendz after the birth of their twin daughters, when they realized there weren’t many books and toys for young children that would promote STEM learning. Lisa and Thomas naturally raise their daughters (now 7 years old) with STEM built into their daily affairs, but they are acutely aware that STEM is bridging the gap in the UK, especially among women and ethnic minorities.

The goal of SuperQuesters is to instill a love of STEM learning from an early age through interactive reading adventures complete with hands-on activities (so-called STEM quests) that will develop various STEM skills such as coding, debugging, abstraction, logic, trial and error. Each book in the series is carefully designed with interdisciplinary learning opportunities in mind and is linked to the UK’s national program in Computing, Mathematics and Science.

As technology continues to evolve and change the work landscape, it’s a must ALL children are provided with opportunities to develop basic skills in these key areas. The UK remains one of the worst regions in Europe when it comes to encouraging women to play STEM. It is estimated that the lack of skills in STEM costs the UK economy 1.5 billion pounds per year (source: E&T the IET). Currently only 24% the role of STEM in the UK is played by women (source: Wise).

One-third of parents and teachers inaccurately perceive STEM discipline as a tighter adaptation of boys’ brainspersonality and hobbies (source: Accenture Girls in the STEM 2017 report) and even six-year-olds can come up with ideas that girls don’t like computer science and technology as much as boys (source: PNAS Scientific Journal).

SuperQuesters are on a mission to cheer ALL children, and especially girls, to become super-problem solvers and curious creators when they join them in their STEM adventures.

Don’t just do it STEM skills give children portable skillsbut they also help them develop a love of learning and a sense of curiosity, increase self-esteem when children learn to solve problems and view failures as part of the learning process.

SuperQuesters is already getting fantastic reviews from authors such as Connie Hook, and educational and STEM influencers such as engineer Roma Agraval. QuestFriendz’s broader team includes Sophie Staryker, a leading British children’s publishing publisher, who has worked on best-selling children’s brands and authors such as Children’s Waterstones winner Cressida Cowell and J. K. Rowling.

“A fun interactive book for inquisitive minds and all beginning young STEM enthusiasts.”
Connie Hook, STEM supporter and author Cookies and the most annoying boy in the world

“Action adventures with interactive challenges! Kids will love the story and illustrations, and especially the quests to think about, and the stickers! ”
Roma Agraval, engineer and author How was it built?

The second book, SuperQuesters: A case of lost memory will be published in the fall of 2022.

About authors and illustrators

The author group of husband and wife, Dr. Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss, were inspired by the founding of QuestFriendz, publisher of STEM children’s books, after the birth of their twin daughters and their fervent belief that all children should cultivate a love of STEM learning. Lisa grew up in Canada and has been writing stories since childhood. A 20-year corporate career in several high-tech companies has led to the fact that she has become acutely aware of the lack of STEM skills. Thomas grew up in France and was inspired by his grandfather’s curiosity about science, technology and discovering the world around him. His love of coding and the ability to create and innovate led him to earn a Ph.D. in computer science. He was deeply aware of the gap in STEM skills and in particular the gender gap in STEM while working as a computer science teacher and during his career in several high-tech companies. Twitter @lisa_a_moss @ThomasAMBernard @QuestFriendz

Amy Wilcox studied illustration at Falmouth University and now works as a freelance illustrator. It is represented by the Lemonade Illustration Agency. She lives and works in Norwich with her husband James, daughter Elsie, son Miles and dog Alfie. She loves to draw and create interesting characters.

SuperQuesters – A STEM-Sational new book series inspiring ALL children to become super problem-solvers and curious creators through STEM adventures

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