Signs of growing media business are growing, leading to further investment across the country.

Cardiff-based Route Media has expanded its network in North Wales and is deploying digital advertising screens in key locations in the region.

The company has installed two mega-6 screens at Eagles Meadow in Wrexham – supporting the bid of the City of Culture board and partner organizations – and another 18 in Rila, Bangor, London and Colvin Bay, reaching an average of 760,000 pairs of eyes. week.

Regional Sales Manager for North Wales Scott Lawson said that in the coming weeks across Wales will be published nine more resources, and during 2022 will be new sites.

“We are excited to add Eagles Meadow to our portfolio and view North Wales as a crucial area of ​​growth for Route Media,” he added.

“In less than five years – and despite the problems of the pandemic – we now have a team of 21 people, and we are constantly expanding, building partnerships with some countries, leading platforms and organizations in various fields.

“Among them are Cardiff Airport, London Pier, Venue Cymru, Conwy Councils, Swansea and Cardiff, and Swansea Arena, and we look forward to working with Cricket Wales North in providing them with a platform to develop the next generation of cricketers for both Glamorgan and Glamorgan. for a more entertaining game.

“It’s an exciting time for Route Media, and we have more customers and venues underway, so watch this space!”

The company’s North Wales network covers eight locations in three digital screen formats, from on-site portrait digital screens to the larger digital mega-6 seen in Wrexham, which covers more than 240,000 people a week.

Other places in the north include the Deiniol Center in Bangor, the Llandudno Junction Recreation Center, the BayView Shopping Center in Colvin Bay and the Rhyl’s White Rose Center.

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Booming media firm en Route to national expansion following digital investment

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