ondon-based at an early stage of tech investors in a car startup Kazu and fantasy football Sorare’s digital platform topped the global list of the most successful venture capitalists after a record year in terms of technology investment across Europe.

LocalGlobe and Seedcamp, which have supported a number of Unicorn technology companies, were included in the first two venture capitalists after a Dealroom analyst created a list based on investors’ ability to identify potential. stars wound.

2021 was a record year for venture capital: £ 113 billion was invested in technology companies across Europe and Israel. London companies have raised £ 20 billion.

Top entry-level investors in EMEA

  1. LocalGlobe
  2. Seedcamp
  3. Global Founders Capital
  4. Kima Ventures
  5. Item nine

Source: Dealroom

Dealroom is releasing a ranking of more than 200 venture capital companies from around the world to help founders and entrepreneurs determine which investors are most likely to help them move from a startup to the next phase of building a global business.

For the first time on the list, an attempt is being made to rank investors by their ability to spot potential stars early – such as football scouts looking for the next Ronaldo.

Jerome Weingard, founder of Dealroom said: “In 2021, global funds doubled European technology and invested tens of millions of dollars here. But few early-stage European investors have prematurely noticed startups now entering the global market, investing in them many years ago. By nominating these companies, we hope to show the founders which investors are best to turn to when attracting investment.

Bizer Clarkson, a partner at U.S. venture capital firm Sapphire Ventures, said: “This study highlights how Europe is becoming a much better place to hunt unicorns with companies like LocalGlobe, almost on par with U.S. funds when it comes to funding companies with high growth. the earliest stages ”.


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