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A record-breaking Milanese has been set up in Argentina, with many locals struggling to make ends meet amid a crisis in the cost of living.

A huge dish of cheese and tomatoes was served to the locals of Luzhan yesterday.

Weighing in at one ton, Milanese may soon enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Christian Ibarlusia, project manager of the event, said: “We have prepared the largest Neapolitan milanesa in the world. The certificate issued to us states that he weighs 926 kilograms.

“Its dimensions are four meters in length by three meters at a thickness of three centimeters, making it the newest Milanese in the world.”

He added that “nothing” like the feat achieved earlier was not.

Milanese usually includes thin slices of beef, chicken, fish, veal or pork.

But some in Argentina have criticized the grand celebration of the dish, as many families have difficulty putting meat on the table due to rising costs.

Huge Milanese prepared in front of mass crowds on Tuesday (Photo: AP)
People came en masse to get a portion of the popular dish (Photo: Reuters)
About 20 different chefs worked on the giant dish (Photo: Reuters)

The price of food in Argentina rose by 59.70% in March, and many find it difficult to cope with the new prices.

One woman, who attended a record-breaking event in Milan, told Reuters that the economic situation was “all wrong”.

She added: “The current economic situation does not allow us to eat Milanese.

“You have to take advantage and eat something in your pocket.”

People’s wages have been affected by the cost of living crisis, which has led to a reduction in meat consumption by the country’s population.

Milanese was brought to Argentina by Italian migrants and quickly became a staple for many in the country.

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Largest ever milanesa served to locals struggling with living cost crisis in Argentina

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