Scandal-ridden KPMG auditor expects another fine for failure for Rolls-Royce aircraft engine maker

The scandalous auditor of KPMG is waiting for another fine for failure to work for the manufacturer of aircraft engines Rolls-Royce.

According to Sky News, this week the company faces a fine of £ 4.5 million.

Defects: Penalty likely to be reduced after KPMG cooperates with oversight investigation

The fine is likely to be reduced after KPMG cooperates with the oversight investigation.

This month, the Big Four accountant was fined the largest fine in history at £ 14.4 million for failing to outsource Carillion and Regenersis – and three more last year.

The latter concerns work on Rolls, which in 2017 paid more than £ 670 million to settle bribery charges in the UK and US.

After Rawls entered into a deferred criminal case agreement with the Office of Serious Fraud in 2017, the FRC launched an investigation into KPMG.


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