From a former child star Ke Hui Quan won an Oscar for his supporting role in Everything everywhere and at oncehis early works were particularly in focus Indiana Jones and the temple perished, California man and Guni.

The latter finally came into the field of vision of a funny fate Screen addictswho made it the subject of one of their hilarious and brutally honest trailers.

“Watch the movie that everyone remembers for its incredible pirate ship setting, Spielbergian mix of humor and horror, and one of Cyndi Lauper’s greatest bops – while you don’t notice how forever passes before something interesting happens, filled with product placement and relies on a cheap wink at the director’s other superhero movies for a big emotional payoff.”

It looks like they did it for a short while.

You mean to tell me that Honest Trailers has been around for 11 years and The Goonies hasn’t been done yet?! Crazy.

The TMNT joke works really well considering Sean Astin voiced Raphael and Corey Feldman voiced Donatello.

I got chills when Thanos made a cameo in this classic movie!

The best part of Goonies is when Indiana Jones shows up and takes the treasure because “IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!”

Love this movie and Cindy Pauper song so much.
Freddie Rodriguez

“Magical Flint Michigan” threw my back out laughing. Well done for that!! But it was funny…🤣🤣💀
Chihiro Sen

Damn, how many times they say rich things. How the hell did I not notice?
Violating Chad

Doug Neville added this –

I love The Goonies, but it wasn’t until I rewatched it that I noticed how much they talk to each other. As if dialogue is everything, everywhere and at once!

We see what he did there.


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The source Screen addicts A picture Screenshot

The Honest Trailer for The Goonies might shatter a few of your childhood memories

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